Thursday, 24 May 2018

Knife Life Will Never Make it Right

Knife Life,
there’s no need
for a fist fight,
I take it out
and stick you
whether it be
day or night,
thank you mum
for bringing me
in the world,
but I got to leave it,
I got to drop a body
because I can’t drop my pride.

It’s so hard
being young,
If I don’t die
by the knife
Then I’m going
to die by the gun,
taking out
be taken out
by someone else’s son.

In truth I am alone,
where I live
there is no job zone,
most of us do not
have a home,
we live in the streets,
we don’t kick rocks
but sell rocks,
our life expectancy
is unknown.


You are young,
You have time to
find your intention.

To the privilege
my life’s nothing
but a movie,
they sit at home
watching the same
old news,
would they help?
if they really
knew me?

Police don’t protect,
If I snitch
that’s my neck,
I got to prove
it to my set,
I won’t be part
of the gang,
he’ll call me small fry,
I’m a big fish
I’ll prove I can
bring him net.

The Knife does not
better your life,
you cut someone else,
you end up in a cell
in a living hell,
home becomes jail,
because the choice
you made was not of
your own story,
just another street tail;

should have lead,
been a head
in your decisions,
not let an older man
send you on
street missions,
you do the crime
and the time,
he’s got the bread
so many more pigeons…

Stool… stay in school,
forget the detention hall,
I’ve been there with friends…
that I thought was cool,
now they are in and out of prison,
they fell… so please don’t you fall,
rise to your future…
don’t cut your life small.

Le “Wise With Words” Hornet

This poem was Inspired by
 the Documentary by
Jermain Jenus
as well as the constant increase
for awareness
for a future generation
left in a state of unfairness.

Fizz Brings Happieness

Fantastic Fizz,
we have known
each other for a short time,
but feels like we have
had a long friendship,
did I know you in
another lifetime?
why in this present one
our fate has entwined.

Funny... we always lived
on the same road,
we never ran into each other
until we got old,
but it seems our destiny was
inevitable, I was a pirate poet
and now I have found my gold;

Green is my second name,
you are my lucky charm,
Green is my lucky colour,
I will add you to
my clover farm,
next to a stable fall
of horse shoes,
with a hanging
dream catcher
the hand of Fatima
watching over the barn.

I wish I knew
you back then,
you would have
been a great friend,
my gift would have 
been appreciated
and such encouragement
would have helped it extend. 

You make coffee so good
I call it hot chocolate,
a sweet wake up call
to put me back on my
skateboard auto pilot
before I get to my pre-school;

I imagine if we had
our own school,
children would be like
"these headmasters are cool"
attendance would be high,
because our curriculum
would be super fly,
we would teach them as one
so together they could
learn from each other,
no sets, just set subjects,
with advanced students
who will help the others rise.

Maybe we could have
our own coffee arcade,
we of the 80's, we could
make it retro, Tetris,
Street fighter and Mario,
one pound per play,
a free biscuit if you can
beat LE in a choice of
your preferred game from
back in the day.

I am grateful for
the hope you have
restored in this poet,
I gave you some books
and you who had sold it;

Why I also call you
the champagne of life,
you make it worth
celebrating daily
as you bring my gift to light.

We share the passion
of teaching,
children out reaching
our remedies are care,
encouragement and words
that aid children's healing.

I am thankful for another
Angel of Allah,
you have sent a few in my
creative endeavours
it was they who got me far,
it is because of them
I feel like a star...
I thank you for this one
called Fizz and I ask...
may you give him
the desires of his heart.

Monday, 21 May 2018

One Minuite... Man... Let Me Explain Myself

Give me one minute...
one minute for what?
I mean just to explain why...

O.K... we were in foreplay
and the game was you,
the outcome I already knew
when I saw you're behind view,
it took me a happy hour with a
a driver just to get that screw...

My first thought was
I got all night,
she's going to wake up
tomorrow and see me in
the sunlight, hell it was the
same day and I was done
before she turned out the light,
I just told her
"it's because your tight
and you fit just right"

I was tooting my horn,
in my head I thought
I would rock her like queen,
clearly my song was short
as I was done before the
advert on the screen.

Telling myself,
I am in control,
I guess that channel changed
when I got into her hole,
my whole world exploded,
I was the bomb
with a detonator that was
quick to blow.    

I had the talk on
the way during the walk
but I ran in the bed,
all was champagne until
I bust my cork...
she never got a sip
as soon as I gripped
I lost control and thought:

I thought I am the best,
I done a Forest Gump
as soon as I torched her breast,
she was like "are you O.K"
I was like
"Yeah just give me one sec"
in fact I had to go,
it seemed that I just had sex.

She complained about
my time... I was like
"girl you got all the time in
the world, how dare you
to tell me to take it slow,
I'm a cheater by nature,
not a man who
does it like a snail"
that was my justification
after my miniature fail.

What I make up in length,
I clearly fail in length,
K.O on the first blow
and she wants to take
me to the tenth;

It's only round one
and I am done,
she was like...
and I said urm...
sorry I have...
so cannot come...

My theme song,
Missy Elliot
one minute man,
I was Ludacris to
think I could live up
to that plan,
next time my lust
calls, ima be like
Kendrick and make
her scream DAMN...

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Poem For The Prince

Hey Harry,
the one that
is about to marry,
a congratulations
from the nation
on the 19th of may
they join you for
your celebration.

U.K to U.S
Red heart,
Blue sky
White dress;

United Kingdom,
United States,
United Love,
let's throw both a
white and brown dove.

Love to your mum,
in spirit she will
be by her second son,
as you recite
your vowels to
your forever one;

One love...
you clearly
only see one people,
you broke your family
tradition, which is great
if I'm going to keep it real,
love will only be blind
if your family does
not see her as an equal,
who cares if they don't 
you clearly like cinnamon
in your meal.

Just like your mother,
you could care less
about colour,
she also broke the rules
as you can see
in her last lover.

No bLack-lash,
this love better be
for the long term,
like any marriage,
it better go way beyond
what you earn,
love is more rich
when both souls
are gold and live
until together their
ashes burn.

You got your
M & M,
Married Markle,
may your marriage
sparkle as bright as the
diamond on her finger,
so icy that the
sun says "that's cool"

Who cares if your
6th on the throne,
you're a true king with
your queen at home,
make sure together you
rule not the British,
but your personal throne.

Prince and Princess,
may your matrimony
be bless even if others
want to see less...
prove you can be more,
now carry your princess
to the chambers and kick
in the bedroom door.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Hornet Hero Handout

In the words of
Aunt May:
"There's a hero
inside all of us"
in this world
there are plenty,
here is my fantasy
draft of whom I share
a similar energy.

Spiderman, the way
I do a handstand,
agile when I fall,
as I do a cartwheel recovery,
all the children are like "cool"
then they ask me
to climb a wall,
instead I climb
on a bar and say
"Hey... join me in a pull"

I have a Iron heart
like Tony Stark,
I may not be that smart,
because if I could take
anything apart,
I would reassemble
the whole world into
a theme park,
and giant raceways
for all to go kart,
but men behind the iron
curtain want to see the
world torn apart and a part.

call me one punch man,
just a hero for fun,
except my powers are
to encourage the young,
I say "have a fist fight
before you reach for that gun,
the loser buys dinner...
udon noodles anyone?"

Like Silver Surfer
my board is my strength,
I could skate a long length,
it keeps my body grounded
and helps my mind ascend.

My lifestyle is more
like Rorschach as I jot
my daily diary in a pad,
today's journal stating
"children bleed
more and more,
the old step over
them on the floor,
Fathers don't recognise
their children, they went
from their mum to a whore"

Similar to Black Panther,
I fight for my people,
they got the wrong part
of the western deal,
they're always on the
newsreel as another
confirmed kill,
Gun's, Drugs and Police
are their Achilles Heel.

Dark days I feel like
Jessica Jones,
leave me alone
in my drink,
let me think,
I will solve your case
after a corona case,
the job will get done
whatever my personal state,
I love to help,
but it's my self I hate;

Not ta say I do not
like to be part of a team,
Captain America leadership,
I value friendship,
commitment in a relationship,
I got the main ships set,
now set sail with your captain,
I will guarantee you a round trip,
we don't trade lives,
with me you will live.

So what is my true power?
I use words for inspiration.
I work with children,
helping them tap into
their true purpose,
helping their elevation,
I sometimes give a homeless
man a conversation,
with some money for food
so hope can live
within their situation,
always turn up to a
friends invitation,
I assisted my girlfriend
to finish her education,
this is my local power,
imagine I could use this
for a wider nation?

We are all heroes
by birth right,
we become the villains
when we lose sight
of our insight and concentrate
our focus on what
we want on the outside,
we become greedy
instead of winning together,
lose as individuals due
to the ego's drive never to
find our true power in life...
which is breath...
a shout out to the real hero's
who gives C.P.R,
to the doctors, nurses
and midwifes who do this
beyond the cheque.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Race Together

Off equal, 
as that is how
we were all made, 
separation is an illusion 
by those who cling onto 
an inferiority complex. 

We are all one race
some people even two 
I have three identities 
but my aura
is shining blue. 

You can’t see it
because you look 
on the outside,
if God were to strip 
our skin we would
all be pink on the inside;

The creator dose
not look at the 
colour of your skin, 
but the colour
of your mind. 

My mind reflects rainbows 
As these divine
children are of all Colours,
creeds and beliefs,
no need to see each
other as others. 

If one has a belief
in non judgment, 
the easiest way
to practice that 
would be with
your fellow man,
lab rats to test how
they react when
you bust them.

Prove yourself
in the eyes
of your maker 
make friends instead
of enemies.

If you are sick
of running for a
racist team,
just drop the baton. 

There will be hurdles
due to history, 
But together
we shall jump them.

Oneness is real 
I have connected, 
Each race has
unique runners 
and together
are willing to put 
this pointless
diversity to a 

Monday, 2 April 2018

Human Problems...


My heart,
as much as I give it, 
eventually people
will want to rip it apart...

R.I.P, as I am numb to reality, 
balance out others 
unbalance with my own sanity...

I am, not what I want to be, 
but what was
bestowed upon me, 
like god put me
here as a spark, 
but a spark turns into fire 
can create desire, in truth...

I am a man who
adapts to the muck, 
so I know about the mire... 
my heart wants to stay clean.
why I eat green,
to feed my 4th chakra.

My heart reflects
my physical state,
why one must breathe
with it, you must learn
to concentrate or meditate,
you better listen
to your heart
before it's to late;

My heart can tolerate
because many have
invaded it's gate,
why I become more
hard headed
so my heart would
no longer break,
no more energy vampires,
I got my garlic covered steak.

But I will
never stop the mission, 
because although
people may be blind to me, 
will soon see...
if not add to there vision 
as I constantly
battle with division
mind vs the heart.
no.. my heart and mind
work in unison.

As I work on my cardiac
police want to arrest
another boring interaction 
as they live to arrest, 
I live for the test 
from my chest, 
psychology keeps
the mind stuck, 
if you don't understand
the intention,
than intend to be stuck. 

Feeling divided
as I recite this, 
do it for the real
or the critics, 
forget critics, 
only god can judge me 
even then 
I will be my own jury; 

purple eye as I try
to tap in my 3rd eye, 
but I keep my ball pen 
ramming and rhyming 
as I deal with the encounter 
of my own kind...