Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Another One... Take Two

"Another one,
take two,
will I ever be free?
bombarded daily
by bombs which
blew every major
western city,
is it karma for all
we have done?
God blessed America,
the queen,
it's clear they got
the devil on their team"

Another story,
governments glory,
people mourn
but don't rebel
by the swarm,
rather get stung
by the media horn;

Doomsday seems normal,
the end is nigh,
apocalypse are on sky,
M.S.N, C.B.S, B.B.C,
death is all over T.V,
why life to most is a mystery,
most act shock to the drama,
Never to understand
the script of history.

Social media
is the worst,
it's like people
show their side
that's their worse,
say they want the best
throw around
the word bless,
yet indulge in this
pre planned curse;

Fuck it's a
Piss take,
Shit I wish we could change the
Assholes who run this state...

This is not a shock,
it seems people
follow a wave,
fear runs society,
especially if you're
a media slave,
chained to links,
that only speak on hate,
Bob Marley said "one love"
so love I will create.

Elders ask "did you hear"
I said "about the fear"
they do this the same
time every other year,
the campaign is very near;

It happens in May,
election time of Teresa May,
I wonder... Oh I wonder...
is this another political game?

At least they don't say
well not direct,
but they use the word
a lot in this subject,
to get into your head,
break your heart,
they did mine when I
knew children were dead.

Children died,
anger was inside,
I want to see the people
who set this up
so I can unleash my
raging demon
and give them
a thousand cries,
triple the pain
for all their lies;

Side note,
respect the sad outcome
of the young victims,
please be in peace,
what makes me more
enraged is we cry for ours,
but ignore the children
in the middle east,
officers in the U.S.A
killing young blacks
in the street.

All I can say is...

Manchester get united,
you are also a great city,
you have two of the best
teams in the premier league...
justice will be served to those
who created set misery.

"We may never
know the truth,
but lets not
let lies confuse,
choice is forced,
but remember,
we can choose"

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Suspension Reflection

Great weekend,
terrible week,
I felt weak.
but people gave
me strength,
I will not bore
you with the details,
but make this poem
about those who gave
me strength, I will write
one week of gratitude
I hope it make sense.

I get suspended on Friday,
I tell my girlfriend,
in her protective drunken rage
says "just quit"
another girl would want
money over your happiness;

Not my lady,
she supports my crazy,
the reason why she is worth
both my babies,
most women bring men
down like Hades,
Heaven sent,
she Holds me up,
I will see her in the garden
of Eden making love
with my snake under leaves.

To my staff team,
who reassured me that
I am missed,
that the children are in
demand, they want their
ninja leader back,
making pretend phone calls,
wishing I was better;

If only they
knew the truth,
I'm not sick,
but suspended,
but it's not about
the managers,
I am thankful
for the team
I have befriended.

a book reading among
a local community,
activist expression,
I read from my book
like a teacher to a student,
but we were all
learning and laughing;

a little lady even
felt my vibe,
her response to me
lifted this suspended guy,
for that reason
I gave her a surprise,
No kinder, but my book,
I saw the future in her eyes.

To my brother OMeza,
Saturday we went in together,
Got the crowd saying our chants,
Getting them to dance,
I took one glance,
saw we had them in a trance,
after the show, nothing but love,
An O.A.P gave me a hug,
many people said
"thank you very much"
but it is they
who deserve praise,
the reason why
we doubled the energy
on the stage.

So much so,
Sunday was a day
to celebrate,
it's 4am,
I feel great,
I go home to the one
I appreciate,
wait until she awakes
So I can show
her my excited state
in the morning of 8,
we go out for lunch,
the whole family
we take turns to skate;

By this time I forgot
about work
remembered my place,
that it's with the people
not the state,
I thank them for
putting this consistent
smile upon my face.

"When you're down,
Don't feel out,
Go out and share what
You're really about,
People will
cheer you on,
lift you up, 
remind you that
their is love"

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Good Heart, Bad Energy, Ugly People

can't dampen my
as all I have ever done
still do is enjoy my
right to live,
but it is so hard in a
contractual shift,
once I sign,
they assume they
can take the piss;

Piss off is what they want,
un-necessary war for a man
who just wants to live in peace,
but it seems organisations want
to bring war
like we are in the middle east.

Assistant manger claims
to hear your cries,
but she has the deception
to sympathies with a disguise,
pretend to be truthful,
yet sell you lies,
she acted like she was cool,
lowered her standards,
when a new manager
came on the pay rise,
so bad she turned ugly,
forgot she was good,
man... I mean woman...
what a pointless compromise.

Authority comes
with arrogance,
non compassion,
undermining voice,
so their heart
is made of stone,
authority who just make
figures, no job satisfaction,
you can tell by their tone.

Mixed work place,
no need to discuss race,
but I will, those of my colour
only run one way,
they forget they are
the easy slave,
rule following for
a few more pounds
on their wage,
which means
a few more pounds
on their waist,
waste of time discussing,
eventually they will
know their place.

Children are ignored,
they speak only
when a parent comes,
picking them up from the floor,
then put them back down
as soon as the parents
leave the door,
they return,
missing the bad management
taking it out on those
who are pressured by
managers, who have little time
A reset wage,
who do so much
deserve more.

My job is a definition
of my life's mission,
no doubt my work place don't
understand my mission,
I let the children be and see,
but they seem to want
to impair their vision,
because the are now older
and limited in imagination.

Imagine this,
I work with children,
but the adults act like kids,
parents respect my angle,
but the managers are bent
due to their degrees,
but not knowing their
degrees mean shit,
my methods are unorthodox,
whilst they try
stick to the script.

I am the new way,
they are old play,
I am MP3 they are
a tape, as they record
every move I make,
only call me out when
they feel it's a mistake.

I was hired by a child
of my generation,
she saw all she believed
I proved such manifestation,
as soon as she left,
a new one took over whose trying
to bring back a plantation,
enslave those
who are cooperative
force the rebels
towards resignation.

I never quit,
of course you want it,
but not going to let you win,
that would be a human sin,
you are ugly people,
regardless of the
colour of your skin,
you clearly judge mine,
But you can't see what's within.

I am the change,
but to them I am strange,
they are slave drivers,
I let others
pace in their preferred lane,

This company will,
as they are not
the future,
the children are,
they have the power,
whilst you sit behind
a desk getting fat,
tread carefully
your next meal,
I am the mountain,
they are yet to reach the hill,
as they tumble down like
jack and jill,
I am not angry at this time
as my midwife is on the up,
shows coming up.
at this current time in
my life I'm on over chill.

"LIfe seems like a choice,
but not when you do not
express your voice,
so speak up work jockeys,
let no manager control
your joys and rejoice"

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Reflect In My Depth...

A world of darkness,
I want to shine my light,
and even when I do,
dark entities appear,
separating my day dreams
from my nightmares,
it's hard to sleep at night.

I see in my dreams,
I am living among those
whose time is froze,
wishing they were Elsa,
wanting to "Let it go"

But they hold on
to the same job,
getting time robbed,
working in this economy,
both money and time is lost,
most keep their hands on the cloth
wiping windows for their boss,
not me, time is my keeper,
my hands are off the clock,
rarely on time as I transcend in it,
not descend my head in a watch.

I am a modern day slave,
No privilege,
My work place
wants me in
their time shift,
12 hour with no power,
I'm half of that,
so I can live my full gift.

Curse, "I don't think so"
I have always been home alone,
lost in London,
no doubt I want to go home,
mum where are you?
Africa, Jamaica, Scotland, Saudi,
which one is my zone?
Earth is my territory,
I am wherever I...
oh it's may and I Rome,
I am an E.T on Earth
someone get me my phone.

I see what others see,
then put a bit of make belief,
but with the intention
to make them believe...
they are powerful in their
presence adding power
to my earth story.

Ima write my
own eulogy
as well as leave
my mark in history,
Well... I already did,
one male, one female,
I got the balance
like positive,
I hate negative,
like a mono message
through the stereo,
stereotyped getting
stares from those
that think I'm not their type,
as I type this
I write this with forgiveness.

A flow of good luck,
but someone put up a DAMN,
word to Kendric Lamar,
I FEEL the album
it puts me In my ELEMENT
like Mike V in his skate session.

Skate philosophy,
with a hip hip mentality,
a poetic tendency,
I am the physical definition
of versatility,
undefined style like ODB.

I put my all in what I do,

I do more than most
want to move,
more than most can even prove,
I am not one for the camera,
just ask locals if you want proof,
had pudding with many elders,
my generation and youth.

Today I have no concept,
I just want to write,
writing relives the stress
even if the sentence is a mess,
someone can clean it up
as they maybe in a
similar mind set,
they think it
I project.

How to end this poem,
at the end of this day,
I helped an O.P move
taught my girl how to skate,
she reflects
I am a good teacher,
funny it is her who made me great,
I will end it by thanking her
as she keeps me in a focus state.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Radical Boulevard, Radical Friend

L.E and R.B,
counting money,
but it was in a desert.

Never look down on our
hands, we were looking
at further lands,
we had a mission,
when we get their
we will execute the plans.

Power in their growth,
sworn brotherhood by oath,
a chalice full of Jordan water,
every success they toast.

Long journeys they travel,
skateboard is their camel,
marlborough is their brand,
in another lifetime they were
brothers in a box playing
in the Sahara sand.

Shy as one,
expressive together,
forever in sync like
a bee to a flower;

We have our own buzz,
you don't need to,
we two understand us,
you can hate
but we understand love.

We train together...
He's my Ryu,
I'm his Ken,
my rival to better my spirit,
learn about myself,
he is one on few who saw,
believed I was gifted,
circuit training
to keep our physical fitness.

Free from judgement,
but not from the one,
we recite philosophy,
passion and poetry,
under the sun.

Who are these two?
a tight crew from
the western view,
with open heart views;

Their meeting was pre destined,
why they remain best friends,
no... more like brothers,
when they are together,
Ideas reach further
than if they were with others.

"You are my Radical friend,
in a world full of cancer,
you keep me free,
we are one and for all it's worth,
I am thankful for our encounter on earth"

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Wedding Journal Journey

Begging to end,
at least the last stop
is a wedding,
my favourite type,
most munch is vegetarian.

My mission?
make sure my lady
gets safe to her destination
as it is basically the last station,
we've been to many weddings,
so far my favourite is Asian.

She baby sits,
I bar sit,
not really I wish,
I assist,
I will get her dish,
wanna drink,
of course,
I will drink a double
as you are on shift.

This is my kind of date,
go far as possible,
a destination can always
alter your fate.

Daughter wants to dance,
shy, I relate, I am that guy,
It's a empty dance floor,
I teach her to jump and slide;

She even gets an approach,
a young girl who wants to help
her mould, get involved
they engage,
play a jump game,
her true self slowly unfolds,
cartwheels and learning how
to move on her toes,
mind the lines,
meditation training follow 
your bodies flows,
Shoulders waist,
yeah throw them elbows.

Cultural wedding,
Indian drums,
get me free-styling,
it's either that
twiddle my thumbs,
so I move my mouth,
coming up with many
metaphors and hums.

It's a rainbow wedding,
colours everywhere,
It's a black
white intervention,
no mono tone,
better come
with colour intention.

I thought dinner was done,
their was a second round,
it's a long journey,
I better make sure I
full before I head home bound.

She's so maternal,
she is always on call
midwife, nothing,
she the first light,
first face the see when
they leave their mothers tunnel;

Now to get back to the tunnel,
train home, I'm in the zone,
wrote this in the moment to let
It be known,
0-17 wedding crashers,
no invited,
soon to be the queen
on my throne.

Monday, 10 April 2017

All And Everything Poetic Swing...

Articulate activist, ambitious artist, ambit answers,

Projecting power punches, persona... panther, P (hue)

Energy... elegant expression, eminent emissary, extravert entity...  

X Ima allow this one, there isn't even enough words in the alphabet. 

Zen with Zeal... urm thats all i got, this one is hard, lets keep it real...

Enslavement 21st, we first to be more from birth, get our

Rights back on this earth, but you have traveled you were

Oriental for a few years, went over seas, brought our thames and cleansed and flowed with da TAO


Album launch coming soon, the video is up, get me a Bacardi and shot glass... BOOM

Le hornet has all respect, thank you for helping me better my skills at times when I was

Low I would tap in to your flow, this help me grow and then we done 

Our first track, back to back, I was gas, I was like this is it, 

Recalling a dream of me, clear audio, I was spitting audio, 

Not clear on the the voices then I heard,

Omeza's flow, and then eventually the audio

Turned into visual and I saw us three rocking shows, and look at us now, 

Higher learning and many freestyles later, 

I am at peace with my destiny, power to the three, their is you two plus me,

Nothing can stop me, I have new purpose, new belief,

Giving thanks to Apex Zero, "All Or Nothing"... GO CHECK THE EP...

 I I
 I I