Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Sunrise, Sunset

"Although I am a son of the west, 
I shine not the same light 
not as dim as the rest, 
in fact there are many 
of us over here who care, 
but are not prepared, 
the land of the brave? 
A few... But most of us are scared"


When I look at the western children
of today, all I can say is
"look outside you have areas of play"

On another side,
these children don't
even have fair grounds,
you get fireworks,
a light show,
laser sounds.


life in the middle east,
where there days are constantly dark
because the west brought war upon
there ways of peace.

On this side,
these children's fair ground
is a graveyard and ditches,
their fireworks are nuclear,
lasers are targets, they are forever


As we are still confused,
con by our parents,
the government
the news.


Always on the news,
stories that alter a lot
of people's views,
every morning via BB..C..NN,
all the bias news outlets.

Why they ask,
because they have the answer,
to keep money in the hands
of each western master.


We live in a false happiness,
based on a ignorant bliss,
we celebrate joy
in someone else's tears.


They are truly sad,
based on a western attack,
they mourn their land 
as they want it back.


We come home from work,
Put on the same set,
Which brings more upset,
Patriots to countries that are
The real threat...

Terrorists has no true meaning,
Just evil people
it seems evil is leading,
why I find it hard to believe
in any of their gods,
the many sacrifices I'm seeing...


May all your sons rise,
I know I have know right,
but I know what's wrong,
no deluded western guy,
I am for people,
black, brown or white.


Sad attitudes in the west,
all we do is let
politicians without clothes
lead us naked, 
why we can never address...
The real issue,
which is our comfort,
the fact it's taken from the east
as we take their pillow
so we can have a better rest...


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Mental Health...Don't Put On A Shelf

"Call me Tyler Durden,
I fight with myself,
yes it's a burden,
it's my club,
what's the first rule?
don't follow the rules society set,
it is because of them
why we are not common folk,
but forever a common subject"

Mental health,
who is really unwell?
the mind of the mad man...
what you may consider hell,
may be heaven in his world.

You judge what
you don't know
and speak on
what you heard,
the voices get
in your head,
to me that's crazy
to let someone speak,
when they don't know
about the subject.

Media aggravates
more stigma,
why its so hard to tell
someone when it does trigger,
movies exaggerate,
they make mental health patience
look like a sinner:

Believing the doctor
is the saint,
because medication
is the new paint,
the prescription is
a white wheel, no brush,
just a jacket of restraint,
no expression, no complaint.

My teachers thought
I was crazy,
as well as many friends,
because my thoughts
did not match what people
were following in the ends,
I set more
I rarely followed trends,
it was crazy how people
would line up for material,
setting up night tents.

What to call myself?
let me diagnose;
I am random inspiration,
more than one voice
helps me write
rap these flows... 
depression can kick in
when i miss certain goals,
dreams are my hallucinations,
which come from my soul
I believe in something divine,
it's not always me in control.

What's Crazy to me?
sitting down
channel surfing,
over web searching,
over working,
justifying your life
by ways of what your earning.

D.M.S, new upgrade
to every new way,
symptoms seem like
traits we all can go through
day to day,
they mistake emotions
with intellectual word play.

I know a few,
who go through,
days that are
a clouded view,
clouds have many shapes,
you could never
see what others do.

Families who claim normality
seem abnormal,
no patience, no support,
just give them to a
professional or a correctional,
but never answer when they call,
they need your voice,
your love and your all.

Sit long enough,
ignore their mind
remember your love,
don''t be distant,
give them a hug.

Don't underestimate their state,
these people can be very great,
artistic, autistic,
dare you judge them by one trait?
it's your judgments
that determine their fate,
so change your view early,
before for them... It's too late. 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Hornet feels like writing...

You're trying to
break me down...
man you better
fix yourself up...
your foundation is
the reason why 
you look like dust...

Tell me
I think too much,
but you think too less,
that's why your mind
has turned to mush;

Trying to get them peas...
you're part of a work pod,
hot in the office block,
air con is exclusive to the boss,
as you and your colleges fight
for air in the cubical box.

Hey it seems
crazy is sexy,
being the same
is unattractive,
but women go for the
same men all the time,
I will never know why
they repeat such habit,
they like them serious men,
not someone who can make
them laugh like Roger Rabbit.

Most are not actors,
but tend to act up...
In the
Lust Lights
C.C.T.V Camera,
Authoritarian Action,
around the corner of
every club is a cop
waiting for a bust,
you can see so much
action just waiting for a bus.

Why must you say
more than you do?
Spend less time speaking
more time being.
I'm glad your seeing...

My words come to life,
can you see the
manifestation breathing.
are you even
breathing right?

So strange you know
more about me than me,
if you look closely 
you will see,
there is not much similarity,
how can something
trivial as color
separate us in this reality?

Seems like race
has no place
In a world which is
becoming mix,
the roads will be walked
by rainbow children
with multiple ethnicity
as they wear
the new DNA helix.

Who is the mother
of my children?
she will be known
as a Maya Indian,
she has high intuition,
great determination
supports my dream vision,
I feel I made
the right decision,
without her I may have
failed my earth mission.

I'm sick of the guy
that will cry because
he never got a
piece of her pie... 
my adviser is go fish,
but it seems the sea
is getting empty because of
let down feminist.

I felt like writing,
like forest felt like running,
I did not finish this,
but thought I would
to chill out music,
with my multiple muses,
this is my gift
like the green lantern ring
it chooses...

I was chose to write
metaphors and prose,
poetic notes,
to inspire and encourage 
personal goals,
to be a DR to those who tend
to lose their throats,
my words are medicine
you can never overdose.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Women... How Many Of You Are Tripping?

"Women walking in heels
higher than they can stand,
in this world they are no longer
lower than a man,
but man, don't try and be a man,
be the divine creature
moulded not from plastic
surgery but the creators hand"

Women, what a subject,
need I cover their
asses or their breast?
Na... but they need to if
they want my respect.

They would say,
"I don't need your respect,
you a broke sucker who rides
on a skateboard deck,
take the E out of your deck
and replace it with an I
then you can ride this
if you have a matching cheque"

But I don't work for the money,
seems if I don't, then will never
get that sweet honey;

Sour most women are,
men are easily replaced,
once you have been used,
she moves to the better car.

Women ask for more
than they want to hear,
they talk in codes
nothing seems clear,
I would rather
Van Gogh myself these days
than give certain women my ear.

I have met women,
who will lure you into sinning,
in the word of games,
"you lose"
if you have a good girl
a nice house and children.

I got a daughter
in this western order,
she's my little lamb,
but most will try and
lure her to the slaughter,
it's a cycle of men getting
old and young girls thinking
older men are cooler;

Far from, why I tell her 
just skate,
forget a date,
these men
pay their bills late,
soon as they get money,
groom girls,
know one wants them,
they're useless,
why do you think they
cannot get a woman their age?

Not to say your spouse
always understands,
when you have responsibility
their are many demands,
some spouse treat you like a
octopus, like you got eight hands,
that could drive a man off the wall
and skate away like vans.

You want me,
then you want him,
he has her saw
who saw him with you,
she actually believed
it was his twin,
the double life leads so many
singing that single jingle,
under the toxic with
a tonic of gin.

I find it funny how a girl will
ask for your advice and help,
you give them that moment,
then come back to you specifically
repeating the same hell,
I wanted to be
your dark night like christian bale,
but women are more riddlers,
enigmas that agitate a mans brain cell.

What is my type?
well she has to be dairy free,
one kiss can trigger an allergy,
no shopping mall trip,
nature hiker
willing to climb a tree,
instead of T.V,
play a game alongside of me,
read books side by side,
some bedtime poetry.

Complements women ignore,
anything seen as a negative,
they engage like a man
on one knee on the floor.

Marriage? No...
Seems women become stubborn
after they get a husband,
bliss on the day of the wedding,
three months later
she wants to divorce him,
death do us part,
but never shared life
from the beginning;

So let me end...
women seem to be
a trend for men,
as long as he can
by her fashion,
he will always be
a financial friend,
will lead to elevation,
so climb the mountain
together and ascend.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

We all know an "I KNOW"

We all know a
"I know"
Funny when you ask
them to elaborate,
Come out with nothing,
or a quick Cliché...

No reference,
not even a
personal experience,
what they claim to know
came from another
persons deliverance.

I know you know
because you got an "A"
A for Academic...
means even if you pass
every class for the system,
you know nothing
that goes beyond it,
you just another over studied
individual and will always
have limited knowledge.

I thought I knew it all,
my father pass down
some useful knowledge,
I thought I was ahead of school,
but realised I had so much more
to learn, the reason why to
this day I remain Humble.

Funny if I ask someone,
who claims they know,
they will start asking
me questions
before I know...
they got out their answer,
now it has become
an argument flow.

Someone who knows
reminds me of of the sea witch
Ursula, they will take your voice,
speak your words
like it was their own,
you want to sing your part,
but your voice is silenced
because of their overtone,
but when you finally speak,
they show their true form,
grab you and trap you
in their unknown.

The more you know,
the less you know,
is the saying,
it goes without saying,
as most who claimed they
knew were just regurgitating,
or exaggerating in what
they were claiming.

Don't tell me you know it all
when I ask you stutter like a fool,
being smart is,
but acting smart is not cool.

So what does Hornet know?
I know...
The sky is blue,
love can be true,
lies run the world
because most are
running from truth.

What else?
That those who are rich
get to do very well,
those who are poor,
are more likely to fail
stack money illegally
or stack shelves.

I know I am a good writer
because i have a bag of word tricks,
Don't ask me about politics,
I don't know shit,
but I know enough to know,
that the voters are not moving
up but getting kicked.

Don't ask me about Religion,
God is unknown
to those without vision,
atheist only rely on science,
why they are the worst in opinion.

Be like Dory,
step in what you need
to remember,
stop trying to be like Marlin
think that you're clever,
Dory all the way,
live in the moment
put your memory together.

Funny Most people say
they know it all,
they are the majority who
are asking google;

It's rare most search
for the answer,
but will answer as their
intelligence is
A.I so will never be 3,
but rely on a programme
that can hide when you seek,
I am old school,
the only answer I find
are the ones the dream.

"Know nothing,
you are bound to find something,
know everything,
you're dates will be debates
until like Doctor Strange,
you realise your ego is bluffing"

Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Father And Children Wash Three By Three... Hooray...

First the sink
then the hot water
the job would have been
much harder,
if not for my son and daughter,
team work, made this dream work
or reality would have
felt like a cow to the slaughter.

Bad days with bad children,
would have shook the building,
but we work in sync,
in the end we all were just chilling. 

I wonder Why me?
Funny looking back,
I am a fire sign,
water is my opposite,
good and bad,
but the luck lies in
the last few homes,
it seems like a curse,
but in this case
my children are the gift. 

No heating,
I am but a man,
well at least I paid the rent,
so we still got a ceiling,
but it's cold as a cellar,
with no warmth to measure,
the only way I can get warm now,
over heated is in my girlfriends pleasure.

No need to be crude,
I am confused,
no electrician
nor plumber,
just a skater,
part time type of dude.

Mission one,
it's a burger night,
me and my daughter shop
for the salad and bun,
still have to meet my son,
no key, put the "Y" in front of the "E"
that's his name and today proved such
with this three way team.

Mission two,
pots full from
last nights stew,
man what to do?
answer... children I have,
years apart, round up... just two,
the job got done like a F1 pit crew.

Mission three,
I got to do my home work,
but instead I am writing poetry,
god send an angel,
Huh... whats that noise...
did you actually hear me? 

At the buzzer is a
Plumbing Prophet,
If god had clothes
I would call him
Gods right pocket,
he help me un-block
thank god he lives in my block,
he help me get my hot water back
speed up the blockage.

After he Departs,
Before... Crisis,
I got the plan in motion,
before the midwife gets home,
I am:
playing chess,
my princess is practicing singing,
whilst I am writing this...

I go to the bathroom sink,
My daughter holds the shower,
My son transfers it back to the rack,
That's what I call three way power.

This is an example of a family
skate pool,
we move fast and we keep our cool,
as annoying as this is,
we end up working,
then have fun,
Mario kart, we were called for
duty, no games with a gun,
just a family race,
we vary on who comes number one;

Together we are the champions,
like the mighty ducks,
if we entered the N.H.L,
we would have
many Stanley Cups,
word to my two extensions,
who help me wash pots and cups,
we are a unseen team
we are in sync
with each others love.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

28 Days For 28 Heroes (Hornets History Heroes)

The first person I was introduced
to was brother Malcolm X,
a.k.a chicago red,
a man who went to prison,
then transitioned into religion,
a student of Marcus Garvey,
it was him who put hope in a
lot of children's vision,
why theres a generation still
dedicated to his mission.

First book I ever read was
by the poetic mouth,
may he rest in peace,
Muhammad Ali,
a poetic revolutionary,
quick with the words like
his hand speed,
thought for his rights,
physically and spiritually.

Third stanza for A.I.3,
Allen Iverson
who reformed basketball,
one of the biggest icons,
in the league,
one of the small,
he did not play for the franchise,
he challenged the enterprise,
even so, he deserved to be on
the N.B.A's history wall.

My man Miles Davis,
the changer of the blues,
first Jazz musician
to be put in the rolling stone,
he spoke his story through
his trumpets tone.

At that time I had heard of
many from that generation,
Hue P(anther) a seed of
"by any means necessary"
breakfast programme,
a HUgE organised party,
many still dance to your words,
getting passed down,
by generation to generation,
a documentary disc marked
in a black sharpie.

Dare I not mention some women,
the mother archetypes that still
lay within some of the latter who do
not indulge in sin, Rosa Parks got told,
but just said no, Sister Souljah,
who went on air, dropping knowledge
like a boulder, teaching young blacks
to prepare when their older, 
a community activist,
a high power novelist,
unlike these modern sisters,
she would let know one mould her.

As am on women
through one of Sister Souljas
summer camps, came one of
the best ladies to speak love
through the amp, Lauren Hill,
lectured love
revolutionised it's appeal,
explained we were miseducated,
took us through love lessons as
well as the musics industries ill;

Like Michael Jackson,
and Prince
who both left hints about
the music industry,
"Pop Life"
"They don't care about us"
codes for the future,
to be their own masters,
is now the tidal wave,
that influence Jay Z.

Tupac A.K.A black Jesus,
prophet for his brothers,
but how many were his keepers?
mother of Afeni,
black panther,
inevitably he was going
to be revolutionary
he is one of musics
most spoken about legacy
as well as conspiracy,
his death may be a mystery,
but his life will
forever be marked in history.

To my elder,
John Henrick Clarke,
my first history class,
slavery now understood,
thanks to his slow pace,
it would help me grasp,
your time is now and forever,
as your knowledge will never part.

Poetess Maya Angelou,
the woman with a glow,
she shined for her people,
through multilayered talents,
play writer, journalist,
a renowned poet
and an actress,
this woman has a long list,
she is studied around the world,
although her presence will be missed,
her name will forever exist.

Fredric Douglas,
who got taught how to read,
eventually turned his learning
into an autobiography,
such style reminds me of Nat Turner,
master taught him all,
took all that he learned,
then led biggest overnight revolts,
a rebellion that will never be re wrote,
as they re write his-story,
for this truth cannot be fully told,
if this would repeat,
would be double the death toll.

Wu Tang all 9 members,
RZA, GZA, Masta Killah,
U-God, Inspectah Deck, Ghostface,
Rakewon, Method Man
and R.I.P O.D.B;

As well as the extended tree,
Sunz of Man,
my top two being
Heaven Razah
Killah Priest,
they taught me
religious scripts
made me understand
different parts of me.

My last but first hero
Born on the 27th
shares the same birth date,
the leap year to my 28,
but my 29th who goes down in history,
but is still relevant for my present...

My Father,
the man who introduce me to
Wu Tang and Sunz Of Man,
who made this new historian to change
this current plan in this land,
he help me land,
from his moon
to my mothers womb,
I am the the Ra and you Atum.

"Many Heroes I did not mention,
but they will always be within
this dimension, travel through those
with the same spirit, call their name
they will hear it, keep them in the future
let their names echo through all ages"