Sunday, 18 February 2018

Panther Power... Black Beauty...

Black Panther,
Black growth,
Black power,
Black control.
Black cast,
Black whole.

A movie about a hero,
not the hung,
a movie that relates
to the people
from the land of the sun...

I AM the son of KING T'Chaka...
My name... T'Challa...
A heart shaped herb
to enhance my ability,
not only physical,
but also spiritually,
allow me to visit those
who are part of my history;

Bury me in sand
so I can visit my
ancestors land,
so at least one
more time I can hold
my fathers hand.

I am from
an advance nation,
outsiders assume
we are developing,
but been developed
before they put us on
their plantation;

A foreign agent,
went to speak to one
of the tribe leaders,
said if he dares speak,
he will make him meat,
laughed at his expression,
stating we live off vegetation.

Our Women are warriors
who hate dress up,
they are far from feminist,
but protect women's rights,
whilst respecting their men
in their wars and fights.

I got nothing but love
for my people,
I want to help my enslaved,
but do they want to be saved?
let's keep it real;

Civil war,
before I met
Captain America
or was an avenger,
I had to battle my own
brothers and cousins
to stay king,
do we want to be one
and rule together?

I am sorry,
I had to kill you blood,
but when your father,
my uncle got to
the western world
he became corrupt,
giving our power
to those who stripped
us of it, like they did
not take enough,
I will show you
the beauty of our land
before your eyes shut.

In the end,
I cannot make
the western world,
but a few
from it can
be my friend,
I will give
to my people
from my hand,
not those who
made us enemies,
I want to see us transcend. 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

14th Day, 14 Rules, 14 Corners Of Love...

14 Rules
14 Years,
14 Stanzas
one must try
make clear.

Rule 1:
preparation is key,
if you want to unlock
dessert early,
you better prepare the D...
Dinner and later on you can
become cupids winner.

Rule 2:
get her a card...
no make her one with
paper and glue,
the main thing
is keep the words true,
anything recycled
will make her feel blue;
see... sick of the cliche,
words people like to re... play.

Rule 3:
get the Malibu,
instead of the Bacardi,
Malibu is island life
and lengthens the party,
extended the invitation,
I will be her joker,
if she wants to play
the card with the Harley.

Rule 4:
keep it simple
don't do more,
do what you daily
with extra attention
the key to her door.

Rule 5:
if it's been over 5,
keep the relationship high,
their may be a low time,
but count the minutes
you have now and she
may be your wife for life.

Rule 6:
get your mind off
the tricks,
they cant treat you
like she does,
understanding love,
no detached lust,
main wife is trust,
a mistress is temporal
invading my temple,
get a queen who will
cross you diagonal,
sexing with your knight
when the full moon is bright.

Rule 7:
To hell with a Jezebel,
keep the wife in Heaven,
make sure she's worth Heaven,
marry a whore and expect
to be her servant under her
3rd knee begging.

Rule 8:
only procreate with
the one who can
except your DNA,
it's not a game
to leave children lost,
because half of them
don't want to play,
but just play
a game with every
other dame,
leave their children
in dismay.

Rule 9:
utilise the time,
like it's endless,
make it  she's worth your;
Rule 10:
she's worthy of being
on this list,
take the zero,
she's number 1,
the one worth
to bare your son.

if you get frustrated
with the relationship,
take it back to friendship,
when you liked each other
and shared that first kiss,
remember she the reason
why you want to change
that title of miss...

make sure she's
the who give bale,
the one who will
fulfil the fairy tale,
once upon a time
until the end when
you're frail.

she's the woman
of your dream,
she is your tag team,
words you do not need;
you both have actions,
that define argument,
we need not to speak...

happy valENtines Day.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Sex Robot, Function Machine (Sexecution 1.9)

who needs real women
in the bed,
women are plastic as it is,
from hair to pedicure,
now I go a dull
that will scream
ask me for more;

She can wait for hours,
no pressure, less viruses,
easy pleasure and she will
not judge my measure,
but reassure me when
I put my USD...
I mean MY... USB
in her connector.

Metal Vagina,
auto lube if I over use,
not much maintenance,
she will not mind
if I snooze,
when I am turned on,
press on a give her
my liquid ooze.

I can have a
simulated orgy,
I may even by 3,
who needs a wifey,
I can have the dream face
of my ultimate fantasy,
with someone who
would walk past me in reality,
the future is sex robots,
relationships will face a tragedy;

or maybe a
relationships saviour,
I may buy one
hat is programmed to
my girlfriends behaviour,
just in case she goes
on long holidays
I don't want to cheat,
I make out with a
robot between the sheet...
put her on overdrive...
she will scream
"UH-OH malfunction failure"

Now to pick the
woman of my choice, 
activate my desired voice,
sensual and reassuring words
that will strengthen my poise,
turn her up as she turns me on
let the neighbours
hear her noise.

"Sex Dull,
Sex Dull,
your a sex dull,
you can give it to me,
oh... oh... oh... oh..."

She will be my object
following each objective,
saying "affirmative"
not getting offended,
not saying I am controlling,
although it's I with the stick.

Robo-dull will make
me feel whole,
I will give her
all my soul,
and my DNA code,
unlock with my key,
get her started,
she only recognises
my mould;

Maybe keep her
in virgin mode,
"your my first on repeat"
every time I break the cherry,
it goes "ding ding ding"
she orgasms coins of gold.

Is this the new love,
I know we are meant to
love with hearts of steel,
but for real... actual steel,
no longer steal a heart,
love has become cold
as sex robots
become more real,
not my type of future,
let's keep it Adam and Eve,
not Bill and Steve,
because real love
is what will really heal.

Friday, 2 February 2018

5G A.K.A The 5th God

1G, 2G, 3G, 4,
we as the consumers
clearly want more,
lets get 5G
start a radioactive war,
lets build towers around
locations that are poor.

Cell towers not only
communicate to our phones
frequency but our
brains wave;

Wave bye bye
as your neurons fry,
we as the people clearly
enjoy being cooked
from the inside
as we glorify
A.I's rise,
I mean we already
bow down to
a mini screen,
which will soon
be augmented
via glasses or directly
in our eyes.

5G may kill 5K
Hives and Nests,
as bees and birds 
cannot communicate
funny it does the same
to us, unfunny knowing
nature is our way of life,
we better stop messing with
the bees magnetite.

Black Mirror
could not make this
war more clearer,
we will lose touch
with humanity as
we make technology
become the winner,
maybe we will have
robot slaves who will
serve us more than dinner.

Cyber attack on our
immune system,
not to forget
the reproduction of our
future children,
changing our
behaviour pattern,
thought process
and or bodies feelings. 

So I guess we can now
create a smart city,
with idiots still running it,
self driving cars encouraging
an upgrade in laziness,
smart meter, smart buildings,
smart banking and smart appliances.

I remember green screen,
now a colourful interface,
which is merely the same
light as the sun in space,
screens so bright it can
light up my room at
midnight like its midday,
our mind gets confused
what time it is so insomnia
is what ends up taking place
because of that ray of light
which is constantly in our face.

I miss my clouds...
I always wish
I was on one,
I am on a cloud
but underground
the military's house,
my children's photos,
friends and spouse,
I guess Polaroid Pictures
if I tell her to
pose provocative
in that low cut blouse.  

Name - Le Hornet
Birthplace - Earth
Race - Human,
I don't run for technology,
I have seen the Elon Musketeers
who are all for one
as they step close
to machine and man fusion;

I myself may
be a mole man by then
it will seem going
underground will be
the best solution...
as know one is willing to
fight this computer
but marvel at it's evolution,
it's either revolution
we meet our
final conclusion,
not knowing
we already died
living in an
Artificial Illusion.


Monday, 29 January 2018

They Live (Poetic Rendition)

They Live...
on our billboards,
what they mean
is not what we see,
subliminal messages
via the T.V frequency.

They Live...
for the lies and we must
never know the truth,
as we fight to convince
friends and family
who believe channel 54
or 54 outlets
of the daily news.

They Live...
in the Parliaments
white house,
they speak to us
through ventriloquist,
so we don't use our mouth. 

They Live...
to control our soul,
take over the planet
digging underground
bunkers that moved out
Mr mole, they watch
us watching their show,
mind manipulation
is their ultimate goal.

They Live...
in disguise,
to see them you will
need the black shades
which expose your eyes,
to their ugly face,
so ugly you can
even hear a bag
of onions cries.

They Live...
now in our children,
bait them with
false dreams,
then they reel them,
they can't differentiate
what's real as they
alter their vision.

They Live...
to stop the resistance,
rid of their existence,
but the consistent
will eventually blow
your transmissions.

They Live...
to make you
out as crazy,
because they keep
the nation lazy,
fast food,
fast services
to come to your
door on a daily.

They Live...
to keep us in a bubble,
NO... NO... NO...
"let us kick ass and chew
I am out of Hubba Bubba...
let's shoot the alien scum.

They Live...
because we sleep,
as long as we obey,
the state of inducing
only gets deep,
the truth we seek,
but lost because
their games we are
hypnotised to play.

They Live...
what a great movie,
that should have
got a red Carpenter
R.I.Piper your role
was really groovy,
the truth was clear
will be conveyed
through my offspring
who come through me.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Employee Number - 1...

The Employee of the month
goes to "Le Hornet"
that's a hard one to trump,
top card,
as I work hard,
I sing twinkle twinkle,
but I am this months star.

1st month
of the year,
1st nominated
1st employee
of the month,
the first employee
to be number 1
do it with fun.

preschool part time
lunch cover,
but my ethic
looks like I do
a full time shift,
as I never sit,
I like to see
my young ninjas fit
avoid laziness.

But when we're
in relax mode,
we draw pictures
with a story
we can all decode,
see who remembers
it tomorrow
add to it's flow.

Did I get It
for my team playing?
call me the Pirlo
of my team,
passing ideas
to each individual,
we all deserve that gleam,
except for the chair sitters,
who will never be winners
if they don't
change their routine.

Did I get it
because of my sporadic ideas?
which others dare not
do due to personal fears,
they say the routine
is the same
but of course,
if you have been
doing the same
in your years,
"take a risk"
I say to my work peers.

This month has
been on the up,
the midwife graduated
I got some art
for future projects,
my daughter just
learned the splits,
we are all in bliss
and all is bless.

Funny I never
look in a mirror,
but they got
a fun picture,
a victory smile
from the skateboarding ninja,
the one who tells his children,
"ginger is the winters winner"
and then they go home
and say
"Mum when I am older
can I have ginger for dinner?"

Let me soak this moment
like I am in a bath,
next month is a new champ,
but I will make the moment last,
I am the first of the year
like a degree of a
graduate who passed.

The award was recognized
by the management,
I guess the one who hired me
deserves the shout out
as it was her who put
me into action,
she is no longer there,
but as long as I am she is,
J.85 much love
forever appreciation.

I am not sure why
I got the employee
of the month
with constant lateness,
but it is clear they see
my attendance or keep
hearing the children
saying Le Hornet
like Ali,
is the greatest,
I am their champion,
big brother it is them
who make me feel like
I have already made it.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Great Graduation Girl

The midwifes elevation,
How I'm so proud of your

First to graduate
from our family,
I could only dream
Of such day,
But you made
it a reality,
time to throw your
hat in the air
for a bird to catch,
you're that high in the
Nest time for your
career to hatch.

Kings university,
queen of my universe
I am glad to share
it with thee,
You got your degree,
before 33,
we're far from
the Illuminati;

But you illuminate, shine,
you're the light
at the end of the tunnel
from the child coming
from the darkness
you're their deliverer of life.

Look at you in blue,
London's sky
is not grey today,
the sun shines on you,
you have your family
under your ray.

Midwife time to live,
at this present moment
I got to witness your gift,
let me rap to you
after this on a guitar rift
with a chorus like this;

"My midwife
a.k.a the bringer of life,
you're an example
of motherhood,
For mothers in the hood,
let them know
to keep going
life can be all good,
find your passion
and get your fruits,
taste so much better
than you imagined it would"

I already wrote you a dedication,
I just want to say how proud
I am to see you at a graduation,
I myself would never have,
I was not that committed to education,
you are a beacon and your children
shall shadow your dedication.

You had your fans
in the stands,
I do my hip hop chants,
I wanted to clap
but had a phone camera
digital camera In my hands;

A smile I will put next
to the degree plaque,
you still got good teeth,
but you pick the pic,
the moment was Kodak.

We are all so proud,
I write this in the
applauding crowd,
You are now made,
time to drink your
dads champagne
as well as your mums
until we black out.

I am your Link
as you are my Zelda,
we still have to battle
this High-Rule,
but now you rule
life will only get better.