Saturday, 18 February 2017

Power You...

Find your power?
it's already there,
you just have to 
make it clear;

Clear your mind,
your heart will naturally flow,
because once you 
are sure in your mind,
your heart will 
automatically know.

Believe in what you can't see,
if your future is empty,
fill the space with 
infinite possibilities.

Remember child hood?
when all dreams 
were boundless...
no limit, 
no walls, 
before the 
office rules,
twas you're voice, which
had power.

We age quicker than our fantasy,
by the time we want to live it,
get taken over by a cliche reality,
never knowing the feeling of having
it how we want it too be.

Your power is in trusting what you are,
not how you want to fit in,
as long as you wear yourself,
meaning the power within,
you can never lose anything,
but forever gain and win.

Remember if you fail,
it is that inner strength that
helps you get back up,
the power that says,
"don't stay down in the mud,
wash that dirt off you,
try again.
clear your mind,
next time it won't be so hard"

Power can be used to protect,
but if you do not defend yours,
you will find your power goes
too a lost cause. 

Power given to others,
trust their are many 
energy vampires,
when your passion 
boils in your blood,
you lost so much,
so can't work on yourself, 
because you're fatigued and tired.

Power needs to charge,
but if our batteries are given
to exhausting jobs,
then the power we have is the
power we forget and discard;

Charge it with training,
mental and physical,
Charge it with imagination,
by doing that you keep it the more real,
charge it like 3 episodes of dragon ball Z
and find your true Zeal. 

Your power is 
with you forever,
all it requires is
for you too make it better,
and you will be one with yourself,
when you two combine together.

"My power is 
more like Spiderman
I am friendly in my neighbourhood, 
web people together, 
small, so agile by nature. 
But my main power is the
power of my words, 
because it is they
who start off the process 
of belief and keep my life
high like the birds"

Monday, 6 February 2017

Word High, Wise Between The Lines

How many work
for the Steak?
take sacrifices
like Christ on the stake?

We all don't believe in God,
it is seen most men are like Dogs,
never question what made our bones,
only chasing to bone,
root Chakra out of sync,
how many will get to the crown,
kings of our throne?

Shadow wars,
me against the wall,
I against I,
not eye and eye,
we don't see each other,
same shadow,
but you still kill a brother,
the race is getting weak,
every week I hear another;

News story,
they bore me,
I watch for current events
on a channel called RT,
they go way beyond the celebrity,
get as close to the dirt
than other stations will ever be,
left wing, right wing,
most just want a
chicken wing
from a tub of K.F.C, 
as they scoff and spit,
disagreeing with the T.V,
I'm on the angels wing,
Spreading the divine word 
via the spirit of G.O.D.

A world where there is
beauty to be hold,
but ugly tends to unfold,
we join the social control,
forget we were free
we even had a soul,
weighed down by pressure,
forgetting we can float,
but it's sink or swim,
a guardian angel,
but no lifeguard,
as most just push
each other off the boat,
I would rather surf the cloud,
writing divine notes,
let them rain on those who seek
inspiration via quotes of hope.

I am part human,
I love this experience,
so much to learn to take
into my after deliverance;

I do not dread such day,
the judge will be dredd,
I must repent
except the punishment
for my earthly ways.
if I am written back here,
I will repeat until I learn
from them mistakes,
I want to be
Before Christ,
After Death,
a First supper
as soon as I leave my
Last resting place...

Rest In Peace.
Na... let me
Rest In Pace,
Rest In place,
Restless In Position,
Restless Insomnia Premonition,
although it's late,
to my mind it's day as I
see my future in a clear vision.

I'm more alive
in a world that's online,
dead to people
I meet in a line,
if you speak in real time,
it's harassment,
being verbal seems
to be a crime,
I have heard of political prisoners,
politicians are free to speak,
I say, for every lie they convince us
we will be, but never are,
they should pay a fine,
men in suits should not
be allowed to becloud
their laws, create nuclear rain,
blocking our
daughters or sons shine.

For the children...
I write for the unborn,
The young ones that are torn,
I wish they spent more time,
but they want them wireless,
micro chips, quick cut,
no connection
with their umbilical cord.

A world full of life,
We must empty
the place with those
who bring death,
not with protest,
But a new type of fight,
It requires us to become
a collective,
we need passive
Play our part until we
get this earth right. 

Monday, 30 January 2017

Rooster new year (15 stanzas 15 days)

Happy new rooster,
I have a son who is a rooster,
I am an Ox,
Me and the tigress are
Cooking with Chinese stocks,
Whilst the rat is on the iPad.

They prepare before
the new year by
"Sweeping The Dust"
me and my tiger naturally partook,
you know children are us,
even they get involved,
emptying their room,
their old enough to use a broom,
but it get's so dusty,
short cut, we use a vacuum;

I spring clean twice a year thanks
to this celebration,
get rid of the old,
go in with new space,
but don't fill it quick
with material,
but the other "M"
you know meditation.

They also hang pictures,
the best I got is Bruce Lee
posters, memes and stickers;

The whole meal is green,
we oven the spring rolls,
cook a mock chicken to add
To the cuisine, nothing to lean,
more light so I can digest right,
Bruce lee film is on the menu tonight,
Way of the dragon,
I have some in my class,
The believe in teamwork,
why the dragon almost came last,

the rat outsmarts the Ox,
theirs no donkey in the zodiac,
but the rat took me for an ass...

We celebrate for 15 hours,
although it's 15 days,
fire crackers by the thousands,
sounds like hand claps,
lions dancing around it,
the security guard prompting
the felines to bridge a gap
before your nike paws turn black.

Like the rat in my life,
she plays with the tiger,
she uses the Ox
to get above the rooster,
but I am cautious
she ain't running games,
she won the race,
this time no booster.

The tiger wanted to take out,
I wanted to stay warm,
so I brought a spicy pepper
to compliment this icy weather,
plus we can keep extra warm together.

Chinese Crackers,
Vegetable tamperer Batter,
rice ball with seaweed
pancake platters;

Yum Yum,
on the last day
of the new year hornet
will be getting
Dim Sum.

Tolerant tiger,
as I am the lazy Ox,
but moving in
but work was equal,
cheers to both
of our condiments.

If only we could dance,
she loves to,
tigers are confident,
Ox are distant,
I will watch you from a far,
seductive dance
will get me in a trance
as I glance in your eyes
twinkling like a star;

Star sign cancer,
Me a leo,
Affection I desire,
She massages my headaches,
No need to massage my ego,
I can do that as I am the sun
and can compliment my own glow.

Ox seems it will have a good year,
key word no fear,
stay individual,
but still help out a peer,
but me I wanna be on a boat,
looking at a pier,
time to cross the stream
to live my dream,
I feel that I am near.

the celebration is
no where near over,
but this poem is,
may the fire rooster
burn your desire,
happy new year,
wait... let me research now,
google.. translate... oh,
new year goodness,
Xīnnián hǎo

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Mannequin "Word" Challange

"Mannequin challenge,
Let me just freeze,
Stand still, but wait,
Weight does not stand still,
If it does, it's because set individuals
Have discipline and will,
The world seems less human.
And seems more
plastic industrialised than steel,
Shapeable vampires looking for
Their next augmented meal"

oh so slim,
I am not that thick
to believe that
I would be that thin,
I come from a culture,
where we treat
our body like a bin,
So many want to be that
mannequin that does
the ballerina spin.

don't deny plus size modules,
in a plus size world,
people basing their image
on a plastic girl,
Men want Mannequin women
like Kim Cattrall,
just know...
your body is divine
plastic will melt in hell;

"Be come
love your body"
it does not matter if you are
not a silicone copy,
just get someone who appreciates
your clay, you know what they say,
"everybody needs somebody"

So let that body be yours,
not the ones in window stores,
a man should love you for your cause,
not how you look in Victorias draws.

Debenhams big up
the plus sizes,
I gotta big them up,
like the economy,
weight drops and rises,
it's a waste of time,
just put time in to get
your waste your tightest.

Man... Doctor Quinn,
I need medicine,
I'm sick of all these women
Who speak with synthetic intentions,
Injecting the ideal 
to be happy with your body 
too low confident adolescents,
Speak first on health lessons,
Not implant external obsessions.

Plastic mean girls,
They even turned out Cady,
So easy influence once
You step into that reality,
You forget how real you were
To be part of the popularity.

It's okay to look dull,
but not make a mirror a doll
as you bury your soul
through the glass
at the plastic in the window.

I need not a mannequin,
but a Harley Quinn,
to burn all the stores,
make love,
amongst the fumes of paraffin,
a message to say love yourself
from within, to be less than that,
well... is fake... just keep it real,
be comfortable
love your god given skin.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Authority Antidotes (A.A Poetry)

Authority figures,
authority that make
us spend figures,
another court case lost,
let alone the cost,
another loan I have to take,
and have to take overtime,
he is also my authority,
man I hate my boss.

Bossed around at home,
she picks all the decoration,
all the things we want are out
Oh... and she picked the windows,
the wardrobes and my damn colognes.

I want to run my life,
in some areas they have authority
chasing them half the times,
if they're to lazy to run,
pull out a gun,
authority above them give them
authority to justify these crimes.

Authority is given to the wrong people,
bankers give authority to give you mortgages,
any payments missed,
authority of material welfare come
A.K.A bailiffs,
then the bank authorise you bankrupt,
because they were a corrupt
adding to a stream of bad luck.

Authority to a nation,
this caused power struggles
power complications,
people are continuously authorised
to bring other countries to a demise,
then other authorities protect these lies,
swindle media, so they're authoritative
in what they televise.

Authorities in industry,
food being the biggest enemy,
they have the authority over my health
as well as the cure,
can I trust my local pharmacy?

Authority in the schools,
teachers have the authority
to grade who is smart
and assume who are the fools,
not a stupid genius who does not
want to follow rules,
but when he get's older
has numbers longer than your
current school line,
still fronting in front of students,
and his life turned out fine,
do not categorise students
try and put them in directions
to inspire their unique mind.

Authority in politics,
giving men power over
our right to existence,
it does not matter if someone
votes left wing,
because we are at the centre
of their decisions,
popularity is counted,
not the ballad box,
where we believe
we make a difference,
soon we will not give
power to these people,
it's time for us to take
on a new vision
without a politician.

Authority in control over
how many children you can
have in your building,
destroy families via child
trafficking, false marrying,
a world where women have
no authority is kind of saddening,
well from where I am standing,
women are in a position
of playing submissive,
they're happy to just be a mistress,
but some women have authority,
they don't play when
they get the whip,
I respect strong women,
please don't lose all what
makes you seductive,
do not become a man
who believes power
is the only trip,
but you know that though,
how many have fallen
to one knee proposed their love,
saying without you they cant exist.

I am an indigo,
my aim is to bring down
set figures, I know I need figures,
or a million me's too rid of these fibbers,
I do not have the authority to serve true justice,
I will leave that to the league of angels
authorised by gods message.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Virtual To Real

I played all
the Mario Karts
now on number 8
I came 8th twice,
I wonder if it's
a part of fate,
if I went back to 1,
would I have won,
probably not,
after the first race,
I excepted the outcome,
that this is clearly
not crazy taxi
Sega's outrun.

From Mario Kart
real life kart,
never drove a car,
I feel nervous
excited to start,
no one pictures me driving,
skateboarding is my art,
yellow is my favourite colour,
I am called the local Bart.

I go fourth to the block,
I am probably more happy
the fact I can stop,
because who came behind me,
crashed, he left a ripple effect,
I was like "O.K burnout revenge"
but forgot about revenge as I had
the need for speed
as soon as the lights drop,
especially when I heard I had to
race against the clock...

First corner
came with ease,
just like the game
second corner I slide out
blocked kart number 3,
but by the 3rd round,
I had found my control,
beating my old times
with a breeze.

I remember passing my lady,
so cute and safe,
as I lapped her and thought,
if she's ever drunk
I can drive,
I would not be a good
candidate to designate,
you would probably
get home secure,
better than me in such,
than my sober state.

I am causing congestion,
people frustration,
road rage,
I thought it was just a race,
but competition is higher
in others,
me I just want to participate.

I remember over apologising
for making first time mistakes,
during game time,
their is no forgiving,
I saw by the looks
on their face, thinking,
"who invited this guy to the birthday"
It look like they were even thinking,
"better not give that dude some cake"

Intermediates can be so bitter...
I mean for a beginner,
I do not expect to be a winner,
but better than that,
I mean on Mario kart
me and link
would eat people online for dinner.

I remember before
my best round
only two believed,
they said a few words,
I went from position
nine to five,
by the last race I thought
maybe I could make it
to the top three.

So was the final,
everyone gassed,
well electric,
I am first on the block,
I start with fire,
by the second corner,
red light, behind me I
hear the sound of a traffic disaster,
a domino effect when one crashes,
the others follow after,
we drive back to the pit,
get a verbal warning,
I be like whatever man,
I was nothing to do with it,
like the class smart kid
doing ad-libs behind miss.

Well is that the reason I miss
my goal,
I came last in the final pole,
I was like no... no... no...
I felt better in my flow,
how was I this slow,
I demand I rematch,
but it was the final go;

So we went,
for a late night meal,
laughter, brandy
who was the best
on the wheel,
I was voted most dangerous,
I thought I was more chill,
they saw G.T.A
my ego saw a potential
G.P formula one Hamilton deal
with a house on the hill,
maybe the drink got to my head,
I better go to bed,
but before I do...
Mario Kart with the girlfriend
to get the man in me back on full rev.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


No No No...
Who is this woman, 
how did she get in my bed?

Man what am I going
to tell my wife, 
how much did I have to drink
last night?

This woman looks familiar,
But she isn't mine,
I knew I should have stuck to beer,
Why did I sip that wine...

Now I'm really done,
Even if we did,
I don't remember the fun,
It must have been that vodka,
Mixed with rum.

Ima creep downstairs and make a 
breakfast... maybe the smell of a 
fry up, will wake her up. 

How do I explain this to my 

I know I'll...

Tell her she was a homeless
woman who needed a night. 
NA... she will call prostitute.  


She got lost and knocked the
door, she had wet clothes...
NA she will still think whore.

Why oh why,
now I am cheating guy,
excuses are hard 
man I find it hard to lie...
but I love her...
in mid thought heard
"Hey honey are you alright,
Something smells nice"

"I have something to tell you
About last night... I... I...
the thing is...
I think I gave another
woman a kiss...

you with me all night
man were you pissed,
I wanted to
but you were to tired
to get your soldier to lift"

So who is the woman up stairs?
I came from upstairs out of the
bed, wash my face, know one is here...

He took one look
 at the pillow case,
he wondered...
how did she leave
why did she not take her face,
then his wife said,
"I will clean that, 
I forgot to wash my mask
So let me deal with that pillow case"

He looked in shock 
as he has never seen her
with such camouflage, 
but he felt relieved
at peace in his heart,
then said...
"You are my sweet cake,
make up makes you look
like a tart"

They looked at each other
had breakfast
both laughed,
re-caped about last night,
relieved it was a mistake in identity,
for the make up had stole his wife.