Monday, 16 October 2017

Faulty Friendships

I am not the all seeing,
you tell me lies that you
want me to believe in,
You tell me about my failures,
so tell me what you're achieving?

I'm told I am outspoken,
but holding it in
leads to contempt,
why most relationships
are broken,
fixed on deceit,
the truth is they don't
want to speak,
hiding their true emotion,
the relationship started
will end as an open.

You have more
to question,
less to answer
with your intention,
you are a walking
Mortal and Kombat
with deception.

We can talk about
you all day,
by the end of it
I will have
nothing much to say,
I speak to both
you and your ego,
no reciprocation,
the complements
are just one way.

Friend... Ship the ones who
don't help you sail,
friends are only that of the past
because you... they have
already failed,
the future are in those
who do not anchor your life,
who will be there until
the end of the world.

I care because it's in my nature,
You only care when you
want a selfish favor,
your ugliness gets to my core,
if I would take you down,
I would bring you low
as the earths equator.

A friend in need,
is a friend who wants
your alcohol and weed,
your sofa with
breakfast and tea,
and will also
ask for a spare key.

Do I need to be
another yes man?
why I said no
when you ask me
to be your best man,
she made you worse,
but that truth you could
not withstand,
you got married,
she divorced you
and she's entitled
to half of your land,
it's the law
of a high priced whore
to take your butter
leave you in a jam.

Friendship is great,
until someone
throws it in your face,
then you wish you
had nothing to do with
them in the first place,
feels like all interactions
were a time waste,
but if you conjure
enough good memories
you will find something
to appreciate.

These days it's hard
to find a true friend,
like Ryu and Ken,
being lonely like Ryu
seems to be the best
in the end,
I don't believe that,
just know who is real
and who is pretend,
the devil will send attackers,
God will send you that one person
who has your back and your
character they will defend.

Friday, 13 October 2017

To The Voice On The Other Side...

The closest she has seen
to my face is the pictures
In my book on the odd page,
other than that we communicate
through a satellite wave,
yet it's like I have
known her for a decade.

I am a self published author
under a company
called choir press,
before I order my book,
I am speaking to my
Publishing Angel
behind the desc,
we tend to speak before
we order to my address.

Days of darkness,
this lady filled them with light,
conversations that ignite
like a sower of fireworks
in a nights sky.

She is like my psychiatrist,
as I express my creativeness,
my future plans and she ask
about my kids,
I feel like when we speak
we're old friends who reminisce.

I ring her 15 minutes before
I enter my works door,
she is my peace
before the war,
my encore to a great
movie score?

In another life was she
my mother archetype,
giving me eons of advice,
now we meet again in this life,
If I felt down she would say
"everything is going to be alright"

No matter what she
always makes me smile
her voice takes me
that extra mile,
If I could record her phrases
as a lift me up
when I lose my creative style.

        Le Hornet...

She is my angel choir,
I press her number,
she hears my call,
sends me my bible,
soon as they arrive
to my hornet hive,
jumping on my sofa
full of excite like I'm five;

I remember that day,
I was in a bad way,
I opened a envolope
with my name,
their it was...
my face behind the seal,
the first confirmation
of my earthly fate,
like the tiger on frosties

Unseen... but always heard,
she is like my mother
who heard my first word,
my first book is because
of a great friend and her,
teachers said
"you wouldn't achieve"
now my book
migrates oversees
like a bird.

People tend not to believe
in what they can't see,
but someone I don't see,
has belief in my gift,
every conversation
is like Christmas Eve,
the D.P.D is Santa
when all is said
she has prepared
the delivery.

She was at the beginning
of my dream,
a vocal cheer leader
who wants to see me gleam,
when I make it,
will drive down to her
office personally with flowers,
coffee and ask
"with cream"
take a walk around
not talking on a phone
but in the Gloucester scene.

Voice on the other side,
no face but I hear your grace...
all mighty...
I thank you for putting
her in my space,
word love to my choir
of my angel press...
until I see you face to face.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Earths Ambassadors Hindrance Hail

"I could care less
for the all seeing eye,
the only eye
I care for is Earth's,
her eye being the sky,
under her she will know
who was her truth
who was her lie,
Gaia is judgement before
her father and most will
suffer before and after they die"

We better stop hurting earth,
or our children will die before
they even get to give birth,
the planet is now
a haven for war,
it seems love is in a few
those who hate will feel her
elemental roar.

I am starting to wonder...
are scientist the aliens
as well as the military?
dropping bombs on her
and her children,
less forests
another new cemetery,
mother earth is now a
spinning obituary.

Captains of America,
there are
Captains of this planet,
who are here to protect
Gaia's life, why do you reject?
just to test weapon prospects,
missiles are your phallus you
force up her dress.

We talk about diversity,
only in the sense of humans,
animals are earths balance
as we unbalance their homes
to build more factory zones,
this will go against us one day,
we will be buried as A.I is left
in our catacombs.

At Most
she will bring
her mood tends
to become more
aggressive year by year,
2017 Hurricanes are one
part of her rage,
she is yet to make herself clear.

Climate change
does not seem that strange,
we got over abundant so we
could sustain,
now earth has sussed
it seems we are the stain,
it's us who brought her pain,
once a beautiful planet,
but people had become vain,
it would be her pleasure
to wipe us humans off her plain.

She is being pumped
full of toxins,
I feel it when she cries
acid droplets,
bees are losing there way in nature
because the world has advanced
in robotics,
or when she spews fish to the sure,
because mercury is in her
reservoirs, oceans and faucets.

There is a hole in the sky,
clouds are no longer
created by god,
but by men who know
how to vaporize,
cover their trails of chemicals
with conspiracy and lies,
spray it under people
who don't care or don't realize,
as we run around speculating,
this is nothing but a weather exercise.

What about on the ground?
tectonic plates,
the devil has his fork when
the volcano erupts
Poseidon when you
see tsunami waves,
which waves bye bye
to innocent villages and states,
it seems man is the new god
wants to be in charge
of many fates.

Earth is our birth right,
we let man do so much wrong,
Micheal Jackson made that clear
in his Earth song,
so did the film FernGully
the film had a message,
which today still stands strong,
but as she weakens,
so do we
and as
Earths Empath


(Earth Poem Pamphlet in LINK
get in her sync)

Saturday, 9 September 2017

systems victims

I am a victim
of the system,
they told me I
could be somebody,
but I seem to be getting
used by corporal bodies.

A class room full of adults
who also had dreams,
who were taught they could
do all sorts of things,
but now they wear neck strings,
caffeine junkies,
drinking cans of that stuff
that says it gives you wings;

Never to go higher
in their job,
they only go to the top,
if you want to test
if you can fly,
they can feel
they are not living
in a broken system,
why they go to
the top and dive.

My friends are victims,
they stay stagnant in society,
afraid to take risk
just in case they miss
overriding their priority,
as they struggle to own
their own monopoly.

The youth are victims
to the system,
zero hour contracts,
no constant wage packs,
jobs with no prospects,
they play musical chairs
with the check out tills
office desks.

My mother is a
victim to this system,
been working since
she was a teen,
years later she's
the one in pain under paid,
mum when I do make it...
I will take you out of the
nightmare and share my dream.

My great grandma
was a victim to
the slave system,
no work, whip them,
the cream made farms
bread race,
the lighter the face
the higher the stay,
in the masters house
who may feed you
the bone off his steak.

I don't want my daughter,
to be a victim to this system,
I say stay child like don't let
them mold your clay,
You are beautiful,
follow your mothers ways,
no cosmetics on her face,
she also brings babies
to this earth place,
a motivated woman,
so you shall,
I can see it when you skate.

My father is no victim,
but a wise man,
he survived 5 decades
without slaving for this land,
I admire that living free,
not helping of any devils hand...

Please god help...

I don't want my son to be
a victim to this system,
I always promote living,
dreams can be real
as long as you have intention;

It's a new world,
forget old ways,
teachers are only right
as the system says,
they only prepare
you to take over
your parents wage,
please son hack their code
and live out your true DNA.

We are all victims
to multiple systems,
from government
to religions,
we will forever
be victims if we
don't change
our decisions,
forever be called
to work serving
their lies and conditions
never to master
your true power missions.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Gothenburg de ode

"Gothenburg hear I am,
been Stockholm,
all over the Swedish motorways
to private getaways
others farm land,
this is my European utopia
next to Amsterdam"

I enter a house,
spider says hello,
my lady hates them,
every other minute,
she is covering one with a bowl,
until her mum wakes up
frees the trapped 8 legged soul.

Next morning...

Cancers are crab catching,
father and son
are rock running,
stone throwing,
seagull babies are moaning;

Mummy seagull took the crab bait,
took it to a higher place,
but it was bagged so in her face,
me and my son retrieve the bag,
so mother and daughter
can continue their day.

I walk the country road,
every 5 minutes I must step
aside for the Volvo,
so much so my son drops
in a ditch hole,
laughter for my soul.

Hay Hay
is what they say,
Smiles from locals,
I love their language,
when they speak it,
sounds like a
combination of yodels.

So much space,
hills I want to skate,
instead I free run
with the rocky landscape,
movement with earth body
spirit is life,
sitting is waste
adds to the waist.

A cat lays upon the shrub,
no fear whatsoever,
gives me love with a rub,
affection with a head hug.

Blackberries and apples,
a picking for every corner,
no corner shops,
no every little helps,
help yourself,
no V.A.T,
just natures shelf.

Young boy in the supermarket
on his scooter,
liability is a mystery,
in London instant tackle
from security.

Head mistress tells me
to tie my laces,
I thought school was finished
I was on a holiday,
clearly she did not want me
to fall whilst a play;

Madam mistress
gives me a tour of her school,
a forest, skate spots,
basketball court,
in the younger
children's playground,
I swing, go down the pole
climb up their rock wall.

I see why people jog,
long roads, beautiful
sunrises and sunset, fresh air,
why their health is on top,
if you want that fast food,
it's a long walk to the shop,
you would have burned
what you ordered
as you walk back home
on the hill,
instant burn off.

At dinner there is
nothing but wine,
the man of the house brings
some rum to add to my fun.

I am surrounded by women,
If all swedes are not models,
others are role models,
teachers, preachers,
who fuel life like fossils.

My journey ends
with me on top of
a drive through mountain,
where I climb a tree,
jump gaps like Luigi
with my green family,
now to catch a 6am flight
from Gothenburg to
London's insanity...

until my next visit
with the head mistress.