Thursday, 15 June 2017

Grenfell Eulogy (14/06/2017)

"Fire Oh so warm,
today you brought a storm,
weather so sunny,
but today rain comes
not from the London skies
but from many Londoners eyes,
I wish I saw this coming,
be a spider man
use my intuitive sense
through dreams and neutralize"

14th of June 2017
West London,
Latimer road,
coincidence that
a poor housing estate
got burned down in
a now privatised area code?

Na this is beyond politics,
or is it?
what to believe in
this monopolised script?

They say a fridge
blew it up,
others say which I can
make sense of
the government
lit it up,
safety checks were made,
but it seems their safety
was not enough,
the petition
signers were fighters
no easy pushovers,
THEY knew this fight
would be tough.

THEY... who are THEY?
those in play,
I come from a country
where it was built
still treat most like a slave...
big up the brave?

Muslims are first responders,
as well as fire fighters,
heroes of the late hours,
one with a humane will
to fight devil showers,
the other a religion
who have devoted love
that others hate,
but exercise god's powers;

So to all you
U.K and U.S
the fact these people
help others stay alive
so your opinion
is already dead,
the day you
meet your beast
on his plate will
be your head,
because you never
used your mind so
HELL will be your flames
because you chose
to be on the side
of those who mislead.

12 of August,
chemical explosion Tianjin,
it seems the smokeless form
want their world back,
since "9-11" who is to say
what is lies
what is fact?
the world we don't see
shadow governments,
shadow entities,
is the world returning
old prophecies in new centuries?

I dare not
speculate too much,
events like this leave
my heart crush,
for days most will mourn
for the years others will lust,
but their will be that silent
who are not lambs
who will fight the shepherds
from bush to hammersmith
the council who were unjust.

It seems London
is truly burning
a cleansing is yearning,
not ethnic,
they refer to us as vermin;

Rats in their race,
it's hard to run if you have
not got the same face,
opinions are a waste,
if they were valid,
why wasn't the block
more fire safe,
or sprinklers
on the stair case?

Fire has enraged
this community,
engulfed unity,
today its about
victims and families,
I will focus on peace,
for those who have
survived or otherwise deceased,
justice will be awoken
because the wise never sleep.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Heart Was In My Hair

Tell me what you see?
An altered version of me,
free from my locks,
but my hair was
never the key.

I went through
different images,
Afro in primary,
no man wants his
mother messing with the 
clippers and scissors,
but I did get pinned down
to get out my knots,
my mum with the comb
came like ten jack the rippers.

eczema took over
my hair,
left holes
in my image,
my looks
I could not bare,
I compensated
with humour,
but underneath
in truth...
I felt despair.

It grew back,
let my friend
cut the patch,
so all can grow back,
after I said 
"no more barbers"
I brought the 70's back,
my west friends 
use to dress me up
in all their 70's swag,
my east man
gave me that
hip hop image,
on a lazy day
just a throwback,
hat and du-rag.

By collage my hair
was balling like 
A...I... was 3,
had my afro pick,
like Ludacris in
southern hospitality,
as well as my main
girl Special K
to help me
stay beautiful
in my reality.

After collage
I was on my
verge to have
my first son,
so became like
my father
and a new
hair journey begun.

My Locks gave me
a new image,
they also made me study
more knowledge,
I had to pay all
the wise Rastas
who help me grow
nothing but homage.

 No I was not
though I became a
in sync with what
the hair wanted,
dread or alive
like peter tosh
when they
stopped and search,
I would fuck 
off an authoritarian. 

The hair was not 
for fashion,
way before
little wayne,
fuck a Fetty Wap
reggae consciousness,
no set trend wac rap.

Hair got so long
girls thought
it was fake,
weave also
sewed in envy,
because they never
lived their natural way,
because most
of my sisters
follow social status quo,
knowing they will
get that job
if their hair is straight.

My hair meant
a lot to me,
the image
gave me persona,
right now I am the
opposite of Mona,
no smile inside,
like a new born,
I want to cry,
as much as
I hate my new look,
people are giving
it a like,
a reason to keep
my head high.

Thank you locks
my queen who
gave them
a constant wash,
hello afro again,
time to style you
for all the time we lost
before hair loss.

A shout out to my
block Mummy
for maintaing my look,
you will get me
out of this cocoon,
a yellow butterfly
will appear with a
fly black afro bush.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Rain On My Brain

It's summer season,
the weather is rain,
is it god's tears
from bombs the west
has dropped on children
in the eastern azures terrain?

Could it be a wash
for all those on the concrete,
a shower for those
living on the street?
or a conversation
among trees
individual leaves
to the divine the speak;

"We need water,
London is polluted,
our bees are misdirected
by radiation, we love you
sun, many of our brothers
have died in forest fires,
we want water
from heavens water shires"

I will never know,
I prefer sun than rain,
but rain more so than snow,
I am a summer child
allergic to the cold,
mid write shout out,
to Mr and Mrs Eskimo.

Rain is music,
I can hear it when it hits
grandmas gutters,
city drains,
restaurant windows
churches glass panes.

Rain is a good for
coffee companies,
but depending on the
company you have
drinking that coffee,
usual mothers matching
the weather with their mood,
"their life's a downpour,
I think I have early menopause"
that's when I pause
take my coffee
out the door,
I would rather hear a conversation
with the clouds
the floor.

Rain helps me write,
I am multi tabbing
between unfinished projects,
the rain helps my thoughts
become synchronized action.

I do not complain in the rain,
I write and reflect,
puddles are my mirror,
the ripples and light reflection
show my true exterior,
I see not the color of my derma,
but a prism ray aura.

Rain rain go away...
No... more like;

Rain rain come and stay,
you make it more fun
when I skate,
power slides,
you make the concrete
become a wave,
get people to stay home
and contemplate,
speak to their life time mate.

They say God is in the rain,
as it get's to the deep
root of the earth,
so it shall to the core
of your problems,
rain disguises cries
from your eyes,
refreshes your clouded mind
so you can have sunny skies,
without water most
organisms don't survive...

rain is a gift,
the sun does uplift.

Work with nature,
don't be a nature hater,
this is my rain poetry
see you when
the rain vapor.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Live The Fast Life

This is not ready steady cook,
this is ready steady fast,
how many can past
the first mark?
it is common that the first
few days are hard,
but go Mo Farah,
pace yourself
reach the end
with your healthy heart.

Don’t over indulge,
enjoy small bowls
of food that will enhance
your D.N.A codes.

A month without over eating,
finally the body gets
some healing,
it is said food is life
but most indulge in death
with a plate full of red,
it seems green
is not that appealing,
where I live people tend
to eat out of boxes that
smell of the colonels seasoning,
time to kick the habit
young men of M.S.G fiending.

Fasting is medical,
so fast overweight individual,
it will help you lessen your meal,
get you to a weight that is ideal,
it’s more than a yearly ritual,
it is something that will
increase your discipline
it enhances your spiritual.

Your strength and devotion
will be tested by the djinns,
it is they who can distract you
from achieving your Jibrael wings,
such beings have power
to tempt your sins;

Haram is hard to avoid,
temptation lives in the west,
I would only advise you to
Just do your best,
as shaytaan will tempt you
step by step,
avoid all intoxication,
even thoughts of touching flesh,
again this is a challenge,
so don’t feel defeated,
ask Allah make to you
stronger in your head,
as every bad act begins
with a thought, avoid, T.V,
radio and the internet.

I have fasted
through the experience,
greed had lowered,
lust was controlled,
creativity had doubled,
after I could feel the true
intention of my soul;

although I'm not
part of the religion,
their yearly festival
makes me feel whole,
the whole western world
needs to fast as most of their
people are very slow,
but quick to microwave a meal
order one on the couch 
via the apps on their phone.

Fast for god,
why do people find
that odd,
these are just
small lessons
before he corrects us

with his rod.

From sunset to sunrise,
eat berries,
not ketchup and fries,
open your fast
with fruits of truth,
try to avoid animal
tainted in lies,
remain Takwa
praise be upon you
in Allah’s eyes.

"Live the fast life,
be slowed down
by glutton
"the" fast life is hype
this fast life is right
I prescribe"

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Another One... Take Two

"Another one,
take two,
will I ever be free?
bombarded daily
by bombs which
blew every major
western city,
is it karma for all
we have done?
God blessed America,
the queen,
it's clear they got
the devil on their team"

Another story,
governments glory,
people mourn
but don't rebel
by the swarm,
rather get stung
by the media horn;

Doomsday seems normal,
the end is nigh,
apocalypse are on sky,
M.S.N, C.B.S, B.B.C,
death is all over T.V,
why life to most is a mystery,
most act shock to the drama,
Never to understand
the script of history.

Social media
is the worst,
it's like people
show their side
that's their worse,
say they want the best
throw around
the word bless,
yet indulge in this
pre planned curse;

Fuck it's a
Piss take,
Shit I wish we could change the
Assholes who run this state...

This is not a shock,
it seems people
follow a wave,
fear runs society,
especially if you're
a media slave,
chained to links,
that only speak on hate,
Bob Marley said "one love"
so love I will create.

Elders ask "did you hear"
I said "about the fear"
they do this the same
time every other year,
the campaign is very near;

It happens in May,
election time of Teresa May,
I wonder... Oh I wonder...
is this another political game?

At least they don't say
well not direct,
but they use the word
a lot in this subject,
to get into your head,
break your heart,
they did mine when I
knew children were dead.

Children died,
anger was inside,
I want to see the people
who set this up
so I can unleash my
raging demon
and give them
a thousand cries,
triple the pain
for all their lies;

Side note,
respect the sad outcome
of the young victims,
please be in peace,
what makes me more
enraged is we cry for ours,
but ignore the children
in the middle east,
officers in the U.S.A
killing young blacks
in the street.

All I can say is...

Manchester get united,
you are also a great city,
you have two of the best
teams in the premier league...
justice will be served to those
who created set misery.

"We may never
know the truth,
but lets not
let lies confuse,
choice is forced,
but remember,
we can choose"

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Suspension Reflection

Great weekend,
terrible week,
I felt weak.
but people gave
me strength,
I will not bore
you with the details,
but make this poem
about those who gave
me strength, I will write
one week of gratitude
I hope it make sense.

I get suspended on Friday,
I tell my girlfriend,
in her protective drunken rage
says "just quit"
another girl would want
money over your happiness;

Not my lady,
she supports my crazy,
the reason why she is worth
both my babies,
most women bring men
down like Hades,
Heaven sent,
she Holds me up,
I will see her in the garden
of Eden making love
with my snake under leaves.

To my staff team,
who reassured me that
I am missed,
that the children are in
demand, they want their
ninja leader back,
making pretend phone calls,
wishing I was better;

If only they
knew the truth,
I'm not sick,
but suspended,
but it's not about
the managers,
I am thankful
for the team
I have befriended.

a book reading among
a local community,
activist expression,
I read from my book
like a teacher to a student,
but we were all
learning and laughing;

a little lady even
felt my vibe,
her response to me
lifted this suspended guy,
for that reason
I gave her a surprise,
No kinder, but my book,
I saw the future in her eyes.

To my brother OMeza,
Saturday we went in together,
Got the crowd saying our chants,
Getting them to dance,
I took one glance,
saw we had them in a trance,
after the show, nothing but love,
An O.A.P gave me a hug,
many people said
"thank you very much"
but it is they
who deserve praise,
the reason why
we doubled the energy
on the stage.

So much so,
Sunday was a day
to celebrate,
it's 4am,
I feel great,
I go home to the one
I appreciate,
wait until she awakes
So I can show
her my excited state
in the morning of 8,
we go out for lunch,
the whole family
we take turns to skate;

By this time I forgot
about work
remembered my place,
that it's with the people
not the state,
I thank them for
putting this consistent
smile upon my face.

"When you're down,
Don't feel out,
Go out and share what
You're really about,
People will
cheer you on,
lift you up, 
remind you that
their is love"