Saturday, 17 March 2018

My Small is Cool

Height Small,
but it's cool
to be small,
let me write
you a poem
that you can
read at school,
stick on your wall.

I reach them...
regardless of my size,
the smallest person
can always reach
the bigger prize,
yeah I may seem
close to the ground,
but my dreams
exceed the skies.

I am S and S
small as well as smart,
people play small
mind games,
but can never compare
to my big heart,
in my chest... stand...
tall in my art,
gymnast is what I do,
with my body size,
I play my part.

I am a flexible intellectual,
to my true friends
I am influential
we are different sizes,
we bring out
each others potential.

When I get chase,
it's easy to dodge,
if you get close,
slip through that
rabbit hole in the fence,
hop hop hop,
as I leap in the sunset
looking back laughing
at the big dog.

Cat agility,
monkey ability,
like a cheater I move
swiftly than quickly,
nature has it's reason,
the reason I can do
pull ups by the fifty.

If being small
was a curse,
why do the smallest
roses have the
biggest beauty
on this earth...

If being small
is DNA,
why are you throwing
insults my way?
leave me alone
let me play,
pick on someone
in your class
who is your same weight;

Wait... you're afraid
he might down size you
in front of your crew,
are you afraid to lose?

You maybe
bigger than me,
but does your heart
match your size?
in truth I except
that I am small,
you don't for
some reason...
but I will not
let your remarks
water my eyes;

I will walk proud,
no high heels,
low sole,
my soul is big as
Jupiter's black hole,
you maybe
as tall as one,
but it is I who will get
to the top of the pole,
put my flag up
let the people know...
although small,
I can reach heights
because I have targets
I will reach my goal.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Date With Me, My Lady And The Skate

A day off is a day
on catching up
with the midwife,
she adds smiles
to my life,
my dark days
you are my light.

We go to our local shop,
Coffee break then skate,
go to the market stool
get a bokay,
what do I do
when I wait;

Improve an individual trick,
today is kick-flip,
a pipe burst,
road to myself,
skateboarding improves
my health,
I am the example of balance,
skating my daughters deck
in my own world
whilst this skater boy
Is waiting for his girl.

We got our food,
we eat in a skate spot,
I order a small wrap,
so my weight stays on top,
I admit on other days...
I can... I can... eat a lot...

A lot of fun,
I hung,
with my little brother,
playing street fighter,
most games we won;

Blanka dominated,
a beast... as his beauty
was at work,
If only we got more days
like this but extended
so we can enjoy many
happy moments on earth.

We hung by an
empty park pool,
as you get photos
of me boarding,
man I felt cool...
and it was cold...
but you inspired,
warm when we're together,
throughout our day,
the weather is getting better.

I leave my brothers,
exchange the
princess skateboard
for the kings  one,
as I ride my throne
to grandmas zone,
Ab Soul and Lupe Fiasco
in my headphones.

Kelis was also
today's soundtrack,
Wanderland as we
wander west London land,
her in one
and my skateboard
on the other hand.

You are most my nights,
we barely see each other
in the day,
work work work...
with you I just
want more play,
like it's Romeo and Juliet,
our love story
brought the sun
to us on a day
which started out grey.

After we depart,
we reunite,
cooking as a team,
stir fry tonight,
a tea with honey
May I see you in a dream.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Panther Power... Black Beauty...

Black Panther,
Black growth,
Black power,
Black control.
Black cast,
Black whole.

A movie about a hero,
not the hung,
a movie that relates
to the people
from the land of the sun...

I AM the son of KING T'Chaka...
My name... T'Challa...
A heart shaped herb
to enhance my ability,
not only physical,
but also spiritually,
allow me to visit those
who are part of my history;

Bury me in sand
so I can visit my
ancestors land,
so at least one
more time I can hold
my fathers hand.

I am from
an advance nation,
outsiders assume
we are developing,
but been developed
before they put us on
their plantation;

A foreign agent,
went to speak to one
of the tribe leaders,
said if he dares speak,
he will make him meat,
laughed at his expression,
stating we live off vegetation.

Our Women are warriors
who hate dress up,
they are far from feminist,
but protect women's rights,
whilst respecting their men
in their wars and fights.

I got nothing but love
for my people,
I want to help my enslaved,
but do they want to be saved?
let's keep it real;

Civil war,
before I met
Captain America
or was an avenger,
I had to battle my own
brothers and cousins
to stay king,
do we want to be one
and rule together?

I am sorry,
I had to kill you blood,
but when your father,
my uncle got to
the western world
he became corrupt,
giving our power
to those who stripped
us of it, like they did
not take enough,
I will show you
the beauty of our land
before your eyes shut.

In the end,
I cannot make
the western world,
but a few
from it can
be my friend,
I will give
to my people
from my hand,
not those who
made us enemies,
I want to see us transcend. 

Bernice A Brave Heart...

I would walk
you across the road
to get you home,
you were my intermission,
alcohol break from the
number 6 party zone.

Since my first book,
you would ask me,
when is your next,
cut out news paper
articles that would
inspire a future project.

Our conversation
would be about
my elevation
or the current situation,
we need not speak politics,
just survival tactics
for my children's generation.

you were a realist,
understood the London mist,
in London you will be missed,
nieces, nephews and my kids.

Giving heart,
every year a present,
something that suits
the individual,
I... a notepad to keep
my gift present and relevant;

One of my gift guards,
guard me when I feel down,
guard me against my doubt,
guard me from negative emotions,
guard me so I can finish this bout. 

My Scottish Seraphim,
You wanted to teach
me how to swim,
as you know water is my
weakness, but with you,
I would overcome as you
would make sure I win,
this year I am going to learn,
with you as my lungs,
in the ocean deep,
I will hear your voice deep,
motivating me from within.

Thank you form making me brave,
showing me my heart,
you were my earthly grandma,
speaking to you bettered
my speech art, 
i wish we got to speak
before you did depart,
to a greater destination,
you will be walking
the hills of heaven,
drinking from the purest springs,
with your ancestors,
building cathedrals,
murals and fine art,
art was your outlet on earth,
pottery was your craft.

You were part of a mini Mimi
band called Brighton bells,
folk singing,
busking drunken sound,
I remember going to Brighton,
chilling on the stones and shells,
leaving poetry on sand,
that's what I call sand script,
next time I will carve you a quote,
one part of my farewells.

Key words when I
think of you:
strength, because of your
continued length.
will, you kept going,
dare I say you were ill?
encouragement, for all
others poor judgement,
you made me feel abundant,
telling me,
"oh you will, you will"
and yes...
for you and Mimi...
I shall be triumphant.

Thank you for all
your belief,
from the heavens
you shall see me achieve,
my Scottish queen...
Rest In Peace.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

14th Day, 14 Rules, 14 Corners Of Love...

14 Rules
14 Years,
14 Stanzas
one must try
make clear.

Rule 1:
preparation is key,
if you want to unlock
dessert early,
you better prepare the D...
Dinner and later on you can
become cupids winner.

Rule 2:
get her a card...
no make her one with
paper and glue,
the main thing
is keep the words true,
anything recycled
will make her feel blue;
see... sick of the cliche,
words people like to re... play.

Rule 3:
get the Malibu,
instead of the Bacardi,
Malibu is island life
and lengthens the party,
extended the invitation,
I will be her joker,
if she wants to play
the card with the Harley.

Rule 4:
keep it simple
don't do more,
do what you daily
with extra attention
the key to her door.

Rule 5:
if it's been over 5,
keep the relationship high,
their may be a low time,
but count the minutes
you have now and she
may be your wife for life.

Rule 6:
get your mind off
the tricks,
they cant treat you
like she does,
understanding love,
no detached lust,
main wife is trust,
a mistress is temporal
invading my temple,
get a queen who will
cross you diagonal,
sexing with your knight
when the full moon is bright.

Rule 7:
To hell with a Jezebel,
keep the wife in Heaven,
make sure she's worth Heaven,
marry a whore and expect
to be her servant under her
3rd knee begging.

Rule 8:
only procreate with
the one who can
except your DNA,
it's not a game
to leave children lost,
because half of them
don't want to play,
but just play
a game with every
other dame,
leave their children
in dismay.

Rule 9:
utilise the time,
like it's endless,
make it  she's worth your;
Rule 10:
she's worthy of being
on this list,
take the zero,
she's number 1,
the one worth
to bare your son.

if you get frustrated
with the relationship,
take it back to friendship,
when you liked each other
and shared that first kiss,
remember she the reason
why you want to change
that title of miss...

make sure she's
the who give bale,
the one who will
fulfil the fairy tale,
once upon a time
until the end when
you're frail.

she's the woman
of your dream,
she is your tag team,
words you do not need;
you both have actions,
that define argument,
we need not to speak...

happy valENtines Day.