Sunday, 23 April 2017

Wedding Journal Journey

Begging to end,
at least the last stop
is a wedding,
my favourite type,
most munch is vegetarian.

My mission?
make sure my lady
gets safe to her destination
as it is basically the last station,
we've been to many weddings,
so far my favourite is Asian.

She baby sits,
I bar sit,
not really I wish,
I assist,
I will get her dish,
wanna drink,
of course,
I will drink a double
as you are on shift.

This is my kind of date,
go far as possible,
a destination can always
alter your fate.

Daughter wants to dance,
shy, I relate, I am that guy,
It's a empty dance floor,
I teach her to jump and slide;

She even gets an approach,
a young girl who wants to help
her mould, get involved
they engage,
play a jump game,
her true self slowly unfolds,
cartwheels and learning how
to move on her toes,
mind the lines,
meditation training follow 
your bodies flows,
Shoulders waist,
yeah throw them elbows.

Cultural wedding,
Indian drums,
get me free-styling,
it's either that
twiddle my thumbs,
so I move my mouth,
coming up with many
metaphors and hums.

It's a rainbow wedding,
colours everywhere,
It's a black
white intervention,
no mono tone,
better come
with colour intention.

I thought dinner was done,
their was a second round,
it's a long journey,
I better make sure I
full before I head home bound.

She's so maternal,
she is always on call
midwife, nothing,
she the first light,
first face the see when
they leave their mothers tunnel;

Now to get back to the tunnel,
train home, I'm in the zone,
wrote this in the moment to let
It be known,
0-17 wedding crashers,
no invited,
soon to be the queen
on my throne.

Monday, 10 April 2017

All And Everything Poetic Swing...

Articulate activist, ambitious artist, ambit answers,

Projecting power punches, persona... panther, P (hue)

Energy... elegant expression, eminent emissary, extravert entity...  

X Ima allow this one, there isn't even enough words in the alphabet. 

Zen with Zeal... urm thats all i got, this one is hard, lets keep it real...

Enslavement 21st, we first to be more from birth, get our

Rights back on this earth, but you have traveled you were

Oriental for a few years, went over seas, brought our thames and cleansed and flowed with da TAO


Album launch coming soon, the video is up, get me a Bacardi and shot glass... BOOM

Le hornet has all respect, thank you for helping me better my skills at times when I was

Low I would tap in to your flow, this help me grow and then we done 

Our first track, back to back, I was gas, I was like this is it, 

Recalling a dream of me, clear audio, I was spitting audio, 

Not clear on the the voices then I heard,

Omeza's flow, and then eventually the audio

Turned into visual and I saw us three rocking shows, and look at us now, 

Higher learning and many freestyles later, 

I am at peace with my destiny, power to the three, their is you two plus me,

Nothing can stop me, I have new purpose, new belief,

Giving thanks to Apex Zero, "All Or Nothing"... GO CHECK THE EP...

 I I
 I I

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Bretix... Bret-tricks

Great Britain left,
they think their right,
this country is now the light;

Dark history,
Most of the political choices
Are more of a mystery,
Who sees them?
You, you and you,
certainly not me.

Who are you?
a city-zion
a place where it's
hard to get along,
the party is getting boring,
all governments
play the same song.

London Bridge is
falling down,
falling down,
my unfair lady,
Teresa may is the the
fire in the bakery.

She burned U.K
into historical text books,
from now on British citizens
will be getting bad looks,
not to say Britain
ever look good,
they are a sports car,
with a bad engine
under the hood;

Driving us into chaos,
no order... 
but the new world,
which thrives off confusion,
as well as keeping
you in their illusion.

The racist are not dismissed,
they add fire to an already
burning bridge,
they talk like they have presence,
but never care about the future
effect on their kids nor their kids. 

Article 50,
2 years to make a deal,
in 2 months can scotland
make an appeal,
or are they forced to stay
under force of U.K's will?

Divide and conquer,
divide... it seems most concur
that less immigration is good
but most NHS staff
are of a european birth,
are trained for high positions
rejected by those from england,
so will the NHS get worse?

12+25 comes up to 10,
meaning a new beginning,
but for British people
a new end, we know less,
but listening to news
who just pretend,
Unfortunately the T.V
is most people's best friend.

Anyone who is real,
Will be written in a will,
left with words that are
made of steel,
if I was wolverine...
let them shoot...
A reason to over-kill,
no applause, just claws,
to those who agree
with the bill.

Divorce papers,
Britain is married
to other players,
monopoly bankers,
international haters...

I can't say more than
I don't know,
but what do you know?

Other than a government flow,
tap water drinking,
why you're not thinking,
thank god I got heart,
Those who know
will relate to this feeling,
I am not a government spy,
now tell me what you're seeing?

Rorschach test,
most are
black and white,
why we they are stuck
on their grey mess,
nothing but pawns
in their game of chess,
why we are forever in check
and when we get that cheque,
who is going to be paying that debt?

"I am from a country,
where I 'm considered as a monkey,
I work for nuts, it's hard to by nuts
with this money,
this is a place not for the good,
but the bad and ugly"

Friday, 24 March 2017

Fake News.. Real Time Views

Fake news,
wait let me start with
my experience....

Pre 9/11,
more focus was
on the blacks,
Post 9/11,
new focus,
muslims involved
in terrorist attacks.

Fake news
feeds on our fears,
fake news only appears
when we're in a
state of cheers;

Hip hip hooray,
we got back the U.K,
Teresa May...
you have a 12 point plan
to separate,
it seems you want
to force us to segregate,
you're a goat sacrifice,
I feel you are the devils
waist and waste,
using religion
race to (e)scape.

Religion or Race,
they report what
they run for,
all we can do is see
who wins,
we just tend to
vote and applaud,
but when they bring
their act to the stage,
we don't want to uproar,
nor question our reason
for letting such people
in the door;

As we hide
behind ours,
watching lies that
feed our fear
increase their powers,
watching their war
as our peace decreases
through the hours.

Shout out to John Pilger
Who was down on the ground,
catch him digging deep,
rooted in the local town,
journalists these days dig deep,
hacking your phone
and email account,
lazy journalism, social media,
google search is part of the reason
most don't get around.

News is so make believe,
they make us believe,
It's our watching why
governments achieve,
we are looking for facts,
but all they sell us is disney.

News does not inform,
Just a platform to warn
us about the latest reform,
and a little weather,
even then they 
can't predict a storm,
yet they are 
predictive programming
the same images,
but a modern day desert storm,
cold wars, like war is the norm; 

Crazy to me...
most are lazy...
to invest in truth,
they would rather
watch and project
what they see in a tube,
weather it's theirs or on you...
L.C.D, computer screen,
information is filtered so the 
real issue never gets through.

Fake news
gets our real views
can be reel views...

Green screen,
chrisis actors
whose opinion
continues whilst we dream,
Psy-op experts with
psychologist on their team.

Alternative media
for the alternative thinker
that's where I source my info,
I do not have to watch it
for breakfast, lunch or dinner,
I give myself a break
from their air wave,
thinking in a blue sky
will only make it clearer,
they paint the picture,
so what ever cracks they have,
let us be the filler.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Sunrise, Sunset

"Although I am a son of the west, 
I shine not the same light 
not as dim as the rest, 
in fact there are many 
of us over here who care, 
but are not prepared, 
the land of the brave? 
A few... But most of us are scared"


When I look at the western children
of today, all I can say is
"look outside you have areas of play"

On another side,
these children don't
even have fair grounds,
you get fireworks,
a light show,
laser sounds.


life in the middle east,
where there days are constantly dark
because the west brought war upon
there ways of peace.

On this side,
these children's fair ground
is a graveyard and ditches,
their fireworks are nuclear,
lasers are targets, they are forever


As we are still confused,
con by our parents,
the government
the news.


Always on the news,
stories that alter a lot
of people's views,
every morning via BB..C..NN,
all the bias news outlets.

Why they ask,
because they have the answer,
to keep money in the hands
of each western master.


We live in a false happiness,
based on a ignorant bliss,
we celebrate joy
in someone else's tears.


They are truly sad,
based on a western attack,
they mourn their land 
as they want it back.


We come home from work,
Put on the same set,
Which brings more upset,
Patriots to countries that are
The real threat...

Terrorists has no true meaning,
Just evil people
it seems evil is leading,
why I find it hard to believe
in any of their gods,
the many sacrifices I'm seeing...


May all your sons rise,
I know I have know right,
but I know what's wrong,
no deluded western guy,
I am for people,
black, brown or white.


Sad attitudes in the west,
all we do is let
politicians without clothes
lead us naked, 
why we can never address...
The real issue,
which is our comfort,
the fact it's taken from the east
as we take their pillow
so we can have a better rest...


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Mental Health...Don't Put On A Shelf

"Call me Tyler Durden,
I fight with myself,
yes it's a burden,
it's my club,
what's the first rule?
don't follow the rules society set,
it is because of them
why we are not common folk,
but forever a common subject"

Mental health,
who is really unwell?
the mind of the mad man...
what you may consider hell,
may be heaven in his world.

You judge what
you don't know
and speak on
what you heard,
the voices get
in your head,
to me that's crazy
to let someone speak,
when they don't know
about the subject.

Media aggravates
more stigma,
why its so hard to tell
someone when it does trigger,
movies exaggerate,
they make mental health patience
look like a sinner:

Believing the doctor
is the saint,
because medication
is the new paint,
the prescription is
a white wheel, no brush,
just a jacket of restraint,
no expression, no complaint.

My teachers thought
I was crazy,
as well as many friends,
because my thoughts
did not match what people
were following in the ends,
I set more
I rarely followed trends,
it was crazy how people
would line up for material,
setting up night tents.

What to call myself?
let me diagnose;
I am random inspiration,
more than one voice
helps me write
rap these flows... 
depression can kick in
when i miss certain goals,
dreams are my hallucinations,
which come from my soul
I believe in something divine,
it's not always me in control.

What's Crazy to me?
sitting down
channel surfing,
over web searching,
over working,
justifying your life
by ways of what your earning.

D.M.S, new upgrade
to every new way,
symptoms seem like
traits we all can go through
day to day,
they mistake emotions
with intellectual word play.

I know a few,
who go through,
days that are
a clouded view,
clouds have many shapes,
you could never
see what others do.

Families who claim normality
seem abnormal,
no patience, no support,
just give them to a
professional or a correctional,
but never answer when they call,
they need your voice,
your love and your all.

Sit long enough,
ignore their mind
remember your love,
don''t be distant,
give them a hug.

Don't underestimate their state,
these people can be very great,
artistic, autistic,
dare you judge them by one trait?
it's your judgments
that determine their fate,
so change your view early,
before for them... It's too late. 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Hornet feels like writing...

You're trying to
break me down...
man you better
fix yourself up...
your foundation is
the reason why 
you look like dust...

Tell me
I think too much,
but you think too less,
that's why your mind
has turned to mush;

Trying to get them peas...
you're part of a work pod,
hot in the office block,
air con is exclusive to the boss,
as you and your colleges fight
for air in the cubical box.

Hey it seems
crazy is sexy,
being the same
is unattractive,
but women go for the
same men all the time,
I will never know why
they repeat such habit,
they like them serious men,
not someone who can make
them laugh like Roger Rabbit.

Most are not actors,
but tend to act up...
In the
Lust Lights
C.C.T.V Camera,
Authoritarian Action,
around the corner of
every club is a cop
waiting for a bust,
you can see so much
action just waiting for a bus.

Why must you say
more than you do?
Spend less time speaking
more time being.
I'm glad your seeing...

My words come to life,
can you see the
manifestation breathing.
are you even
breathing right?

So strange you know
more about me than me,
if you look closely 
you will see,
there is not much similarity,
how can something
trivial as color
separate us in this reality?

Seems like race
has no place
In a world which is
becoming mix,
the roads will be walked
by rainbow children
with multiple ethnicity
as they wear
the new DNA helix.

Who is the mother
of my children?
she will be known
as a Maya Indian,
she has high intuition,
great determination
supports my dream vision,
I feel I made
the right decision,
without her I may have
failed my earth mission.

I'm sick of the guy
that will cry because
he never got a
piece of her pie... 
my adviser is go fish,
but it seems the sea
is getting empty because of
let down feminist.

I felt like writing,
like forest felt like running,
I did not finish this,
but thought I would
to chill out music,
with my multiple muses,
this is my gift
like the green lantern ring
it chooses...

I was chose to write
metaphors and prose,
poetic notes,
to inspire and encourage 
personal goals,
to be a DR to those who tend
to lose their throats,
my words are medicine
you can never overdose.