Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Midwife... You have Made Your Life


You Finally made it,
I saw you go through tears
I also saw you overcome fears,
now today on the day of the 6th
also my opposites birthday I say

Let me compare your journey
in terms of  a midwife,
your antenatal clinic would be
your 3 year access course,
redo G.C.S.E's and add more
to qualify to become this present
born midwife..
O.K this is a hard challenge,
let me just free write.

You defeated collage,
university application,
submission for six,
and you got the best
of the picks... KINGS...
you were shocked,
but their was god
giving you a sign saying
"Their are no limits"

Seemed like it was fate,
all was going your way,
and so it went...
as you still ascent to this day.  

We both await your results,
I fear I did not help you enough,
other days...
I had lack of love,
I thought it would effect you,
Dear Cancer,
your shell is tough,
no amount of
negative situations
broke through it...
I myself am impressed my empress,
for you had risen above.

Your phone call,
made me feel more cool,
I screamed to the sky
and continued to manual
on my skateboard.

Where others saw grey,
I saw a sun
when you told me your
confirmation had come,
your race was long,
I saw you fall,
then get back up,
the reason why you won.

I remember once
you broke out because
of last minute stress,
I prayed that the angels
would sort out your mess,
you came back with your
pass mark and past the test.

Discouraged by dyslexia,
dyslexia does not
effect your sector,
you are great
at what you do,
why they want
you baby protector.

I heard all your stories,
as you have heard
all my poetic allegories,
your smiles when parents
praise because you help
put them at ease
helping them breathe
calming their respiratory
as they delivered their seed.

It is finally over...
no more academic stress,
now for you to catch
the young babes V.X...
meaning the top of the
babies head...
may your blessings spread.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

3 Is My Lucky Number

The ultimate trio,
in my secondary days
those two were
primary friends;

first one I met behind
the sports hall,
he just came back
from basketball,
he had skills on the COURT,
look like a young Jesus,
dude was looking cool,
memories of throwing snowballs
from the kings mall.

My other close friend
was when I moved
to another class,
I was the smallest
he was the tallest,
instant match
like green over grass.

The STAMP of approval,
when we were in
our first drama group,
was it acting or W.W.E,
remember when
we used to clap in
the assembly.

Eventually, we got older,
now we wanted more,
but we got no play so
the virgin group was formed.

Me and my G
were rogg linkers,
Never felt like winners,
I remember
we were good sprinters,
Run rogg run,
if not we’re going to
scream YAHOO,
to think that’s
Where we’re looking
for the one.

Now we all have an ideal one,
Knowing together
we were a perfect one

FLASH BACK like Kelis;
Awards of 2002,
3 out of 5 won
in the virgin crew;

One won was best personality,
the other won best looks,
I won the funniest man,
3 of the best traits we would
be a woman's ideal reality.

These men played
an ideal part
In my childhood,
in fact it was them
who made life all good,
different perspective
we were the Musketeers
in jock straps,
a fireman helmet
fantasia hat
a porn book.

Memories of us three,
will last until
I get amnesia,
even then,
something will remind me,
never forget these friends,
Especially ones of great influence.

We like Orion’s B.B.B.elt,
we by each other’s side,
both are great drawers
both are great writers,
stars we are by right,
we already made it in our craft,
but together we shine bright.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Day Off... Time On

I wake up to a
planned breakfast
the night before,
I have to get all my
vitamins and minerals
in before I leave the door.

So I leave the door,
breakfast with the midwife,
skate in the wet weather
I was late as it is,
stopped for a coffee
I start my day
as I have restless nights,
Strange dreams,
Sweats... but no sickness,
I wonder if I am on
a dark entities hit list?

Back to my morning,
I am far from yawning,
B-complex, Ginko, selenium,
I ring my manager,
state I am going to be late,
skate to my tell off fate,
but my mood is great.

So I get their in style,
took me less than a while,
ready to do what I do best,
make the children's
day worthwhile.

So I am dressed an ready,
I ask what room,
although I knew already,
a shock face on
the assistant manager,
"What are you doing here?"
"ready to work"
I say proud and clear...

Then it is said 
"urm... It's your day off"
wait... they could not tell
me over the phone,
I had the tell off tone,
but all that time
I could have stayed home.

They gave me the option
to take overtime...
what would you choose,
a day with your girlfriend
or work for that extra money
but lose a day?

I chose the second,
take the day,
dance and play,
do some shopping with
the girlfriend catch up,
a mini lunch,
I the chips,
her the fish cake,
a proper English date
with my soul mate.

We then brought gifts,
went in no circles in the
shopping center,
it was just fun being together,
a colorful day among
this grey British weather,
Last minute...
she also got the day off,
that could not have
been timed any better.

We have not got much
commerce, but we know
things could be way worse,
why when together we
complement each others worth.

My motto and chorus was:

"Do I take the pay
or enjoy a personal day,
I said well
I would rather skate,
I can't buy time back,
this is not Justin Timberlake,
money is money,
time is money,
but money does
not determine my fate
time is something you
cannot trade but can easily
be taken away."

Let it rain,
today is summer,
as I got to chill with my lover,
cold it may have been,
but she's my undercover,
warm when we wrap up later,
both presents and each other.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Angels Of Earth... Thanks...

From bad to worse
to wanting to quit
my missions on this earth,
a month full of hell,
yet god sent me his angels
to help me get well.

I have an album
ready to go,
I have all of
it ready from
the promo to its flow,
then something changed,
so I had to rearrange,
the first angel
I am going
to shout out is
Apex Zero;

Although sick,
also a hyper allergenic,
he got out of his bed
helped the hornet edit,
he help me with a video,
even sponsored me
in his belief,
he put my project
on bigger platforms
for a wider audience to see,
we done this in one day
with synchronicity
white tea,
it is clear he's Jah
sent to help
complete my E.P.

The other angel
I would like to thank
comes from
Radical Boulevard,
since my first book,
he has been their
to this day he
still plays hard,
he made my posters,
also the album art,
since we were
11 he has always
understood my heart,
it seems you have been sent
to me to the end of time
as you have been
there from the start.

Speaking of my book,
I hardly sold any,
but I met this coffee angel
who has been selling them
by the plenty,
he filled me with joy
when I felt very empty,
this angel is called Fizz,
the champagne sparkles,
when I make it
we are going to drink plenty,
another angel
I am thankful for who
was also sent to me.

I also had a female angel,
whose wing were broken,
but I dare not let her fall,
when her wings healed
traded places and said
“It’s your turn to stand tall”
this earth angel has seen it all;

She tolerated my rage,
where others would
have pushed me away,
when I wanted to stop,
she would press play,
sit down
help me rearrange
my music tape,
thank you ever so much
for your constant faith.

Thy neighbor had,
my second female angel,
there was a day I was mad,
she made me glad,
told me to lye down,
"wake up when your ready
I hate too see you sad"
if not for that moment,
I would be somewhere
in the gutter,
thoughts would have
turned to actions,
them actions would
have been bad.

Now what I have learnt,
some want to see you
rise to the sky,
others want to
see you burn,
to see your dreams
become ashes on their alter
of hate in an urn,
angels will make your tears gold,
your fears have less concern.

I thought no one was there
after a while people
do not care,
It was clear that
I am wrong,
because today
I write a thankful song,
praise those who are there
in your weakest Moment,
as it is them who
kept you strong.

“Angels in the human form,
thank you for helping me
through this storm,
it’s been a cold month,
but you were my blanket,
my hot chocolate
at this present
moment I feel warm”

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Midnight With The Midwife

"Midnight with the midwife,
She wants to close her eyes,
I am her alarm,
telling her stay up
get that grade up,
live your dream,
sleep it after,
after the graduation
It will be your job
everyday after when you rise"

I write this...
It's 5am and I'm awake,
until your last submission day,
It's your time,
your moment
if anything the results
deserve to go your way.

I spent a weekend
from Friday night,
I was like why go out,
let me stay in and support
the midwife.

The story of a
dedicated woman,
she has come along way,
from doubt, from fear,
almost wanting to quit,
but she stuck with it
she's almost in the clear.

She is under pressure,
I relate to that state,
I know she gets sleepy,
I will be your night coach,
I know your tired,
but you need to stay awake,
it's the final stretch, don't rest
go at pace, keep your neck up,
see the finishing line,
now win the race.

You've been
at your mums,
I'm holding down the house,
watching DVD's
with the son,
relevant films for
relevant times,
like "The Revanant"
I can tell he was
missing his mum,
I would wake up
and see you in
the moon shine,
my dear cancer I predict
now is and has always
been your time.

I can cook without you,
but I eat out of the pot,
To save washing up,
plus know ones around,
here's what real men
look like without a woman
to hold them down,
who needs women?
I do, midwife come home
it smells like man town,
I need your scent,
I also miss your sound.

I am glad you
got your space,
although I cannot
help you study,
I will be there
this weekend,
be your buddy,
if you feel fatigued,
take a break,
recharge and hug me.

Now It's all four
of us in a room,
one thing
I have learned
our adaptation,
I imagine us in
family caravan,
us in a tribal land,
in a hey made hut,
taking different shifts
looking out for
unwanted bugs.

I can be your runner,
running low on snacks,
I will go out for some
blueberry packs,
focus food,
we can get the junk
after your done,
take you out on a
post celebration date,
a night packed with fun.

I must say I am proud,
we did not have it easy,
relationships are similar,
We're not perfect,
but willing to compromise,
for the betterment of our lives,
so let the haters tell lies,
If love had a neck
we would be the best ties.

You were hard at study,
I was hard working
my creative craft,
I regret time spent with
those who never had my
deepest interest at heart,
spent more time with you,
be focus like you study
and applied it to my art,
when you graduate for us
it will be s new start.

I was there
in the beginning,
the middle
you controlled,
but I did promise
you I will
take you to the end
of the road,
around the corner
is meadow
for my pink rose,
where you will blossom
in the career
that the divine chose.