Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Make up... But not this poem...


I can't see you?
So how I meant
to believe you?

You hide behind a mask,
can one really fall in love
with a stranger?

Especially to one who
wears many faces,
you should have kept your
original mould, now your
clay is broken and the divine
cannot re make it.

When I lay upon your chest,
I wanna hear your heart beat,
but it's blocked underneath the
silicone within your breasts.

I want you,
not altered versions,
just you...
no upgrade is needed
if I got an original version;

Ver 1.01...
glossy lips, lighter foundation and implant bum.

Ver 1.02...
Gucci dress, handbag and she comes with matching shoes...  

Ver 1.03...
all the looks, material mind but minus a personality...

Ver 1.04... 
Money whore... only loves Christian Dior... always asking ...more...more...more

Overload... Overload...

Continue poem...
Back... to the point...
press save... RESTART...

I need none of that,
I just need a girl who can chill,
have a conversation,
sit back
listening to rap
count my Tetris stacks.

What you teaching your princesses?
Certain men be like...

"Baby you looking good
but your daughter looks better"
half pint version of you, 
she fresh milk, 
you're old 
gone sour, 
little lady never 
saw her mum,   
the closest was putting 
on max factor; 

It's a fact... her... will find it 
hard to find a identity, 
confusion of her mothers illusion 
as all them years mummy 
just pretended to be...

Pretended to know beauty,
hiding behind cleavage 
and her heart shaped booty... 
Pretended to know love
she never loved herself, 
left her face 
right on my shirt 
when she gave me a hug.   

Make up is running, 
I can see them panda eyes, 
you do not shed a tear 
for the tormented animal
who had to go through test runs 
so you can buy your lies.  

In short...

I want to wake up to you
not wake up to make up,
coming home at night with
a face rub, then wake up
and apply make up...
it's confusing...
why won't you let me see you,
because if you can't keep it real,
then how are we meant to stay true.

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