Sunday, 14 December 2014

Women of the earth...

Women of the earth,
do you not notice
when you shift
so does her axis.

you are the womb, 
the womBen... 
earth connected, 
universe connected, 
your not meant to be used 
but cherished and protected. 

Plant your feet on the ground,
stand up tall without the heels,
stop complaining about men who
don't pay the bills.

your vibrations are part
of earths elevations,
it should not be men
but women who run the nations.

These are your titles
"Now act upon it"

you claim these names,
these words open doors.

All earth does is
promote natural,
you indulge in
nurtured products,
make up, extensions...
whatever is tested on animals;

In turn you become the dog,
doing anything to get that bone,
simultaneously getting your bones broken,
mountains crumble
when you break;

mountains also reach their peak,
so rise to yours,
not just getting fucked
from all angles
on all fours.

you're the real beast,
you're tamed by lower masters
surviving off lust and greed,
surviving just for 
comfort and security, 
not surviving for your
garden so in turn sew foul seeds. 

Men rape, men pillage and even kill,
earth brings life but you be ruining
your birth by wanting to take the pill,
making earth ill;

can you imagine if earth aborted 
the sea,
the tree, 
without her control,
there would be no you or me.


  1. Excellent !!!!!! That's a great message to women who underestimate themselves!! I absolutely agree with you.. God bless your pen !

  2. 100 years celebrations of the Suffergets, forced feed, imprisonment, incarnation,tied to railings and many more.only to seem to fail his celebrations has lost its trails.with dat being said 😥😥😥