Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Cross Thoughts A Relationship Talk

I the man who is
bound to one woman,
but stuck I am not...

My fear is if I leave...

It begins with someone lost,
hard to find,
because we lived in 
two different times,
my wrongs are her rights,
I don't want to go down
that road for a hotel night;

Night sky,
someone to look up at it with,
not down like a ostrich,
grounded to her phone,
a young girl in this day
time only keeps your body young,
but can rot your mind,
for she is so so sweet,
honey bees think she's a hive

Is it not natural for such
thoughts to occur?
I think of other women,
but I know I just want her,
but what if she wants him?
I know women think...

She knows she's hot,
I'm the sun, can this Leo stand
to see her with another in his spot?
Thinking it is a crime,
even as I write this line,
because what would I really do
if these words really came to life?
the person wasn't treating her right?
for such a woman
I would assume in my current state,
be in the state system,
for this worthy woman I would serve,
word to this sentence... Life...
No Hype...

Where to go?
I could never have a western woman,
they have no conversation,
to much extensions,
hair, house,
some get it without using protection
end up with sexes
most deadliest weapon...

I stress
I do not seek another
woman of the west...
Seems war has created their attitude,
as they blow men,
leave them in pieces,
some men even ruined
destroyed in the end,
maybe it's the end
for western men,
as all them years
they spent years controlling
now it's their turn
now want revenge;

Why the thought?
A reflection for the cliche,
"just in case"
but even such thought is a waste,
for I would rather die by her waist,
as I went between,
I had an epiphany,
long term thoughts
for my immediate queen.

We are the ultimate team,
she clears my nightmares
I indulge in her dreams,
I sweep the floor
she mop steams,
together we can fight any mess,
any mob bosses or vampiric blood fiends.

I have spoken to women
who were open,
when you got close,
get closed,
only wanted clothes,
so found it hard to get closer,
unlucky most,
hard to get a girl with the
same reference as a clover.

I seek new days,
not new women,
I better keep the one I got in reality
keep the ones who create nightmares
in my state of dreaming;

for what I got would be the girl
of many men's dreams,
someone who will see
this poets dream
she is a family woman and knows
how to take care of her team,
soon to be a drafted midwife
after she gains her degree,
right now she's hot
brings the heat to me,
if I let her go like Elsa
than love for me
will truly freeze.

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