Tuesday, 28 February 2017

28 Days For 28 Heroes (Hornets History Heroes)

The first person I was introduced
to was brother Malcolm X,
a.k.a chicago red,
a man who went to prison,
then transitioned into religion,
a student of Marcus Garvey,
it was him who put hope in a
lot of children's vision,
why theres a generation still
dedicated to his mission.

First book I ever read was
by the poetic mouth,
may he rest in peace,
Muhammad Ali,
a poetic revolutionary,
quick with the words like
his hand speed,
thought for his rights,
physically and spiritually.

Third stanza for A.I.3,
Allen Iverson
who reformed basketball,
one of the biggest icons,
in the league,
one of the small,
he did not play for the franchise,
he challenged the enterprise,
even so, he deserved to be on
the N.B.A's history wall.

My man Miles Davis,
the changer of the blues,
first Jazz musician
to be put in the rolling stone,
he spoke his story through
his trumpets tone.

At that time I had heard of
many from that generation,
Hue P(anther) a seed of
"by any means necessary"
breakfast programme,
a HUgE organised party,
many still dance to your words,
getting passed down,
by generation to generation,
a documentary disc marked
in a black sharpie.

Dare I not mention some women,
the mother archetypes that still
lay within some of the latter who do
not indulge in sin, Rosa Parks got told,
but just said no, Sister Souljah,
who went on air, dropping knowledge
like a boulder, teaching young blacks
to prepare when their older, 
a community activist,
a high power novelist,
unlike these modern sisters,
she would let know one mould her.

As am on women
through one of Sister Souljas
summer camps, came one of
the best ladies to speak love
through the amp, Lauren Hill,
lectured love
revolutionised it's appeal,
explained we were miseducated,
took us through love lessons as
well as the musics industries ill;

Like Michael Jackson,
and Prince
who both left hints about
the music industry,
"Pop Life"
"They don't care about us"
codes for the future,
to be their own masters,
is now the tidal wave,
that influence Jay Z.

Tupac A.K.A black Jesus,
prophet for his brothers,
but how many were his keepers?
mother of Afeni,
black panther,
inevitably he was going
to be revolutionary
he is one of musics
most spoken about legacy
as well as conspiracy,
his death may be a mystery,
but his life will
forever be marked in history.

To my elder,
John Henrick Clarke,
my first history class,
slavery now understood,
thanks to his slow pace,
it would help me grasp,
your time is now and forever,
as your knowledge will never part.

Poetess Maya Angelou,
the woman with a glow,
she shined for her people,
through multilayered talents,
play writer, journalist,
a renowned poet
and an actress,
this woman has a long list,
she is studied around the world,
although her presence will be missed,
her name will forever exist.

Fredric Douglas,
who got taught how to read,
eventually turned his learning
into an autobiography,
such style reminds me of Nat Turner,
master taught him all,
took all that he learned,
then led biggest overnight revolts,
a rebellion that will never be re wrote,
as they re write his-story,
for this truth cannot be fully told,
if this would repeat,
would be double the death toll.

Wu Tang all 9 members,
RZA, GZA, Masta Killah,
U-God, Inspectah Deck, Ghostface,
Rakewon, Method Man
and R.I.P O.D.B;

As well as the extended tree,
Sunz of Man,
my top two being
Heaven Razah
Killah Priest,
they taught me
religious scripts
made me understand
different parts of me.

My last but first hero
Born on the 27th
shares the same birth date,
the leap year to my 28,
but my 29th who goes down in history,
but is still relevant for my present...

My Father,
the man who introduce me to
Wu Tang and Sunz Of Man,
who made this new historian to change
this current plan in this land,
he help me land,
from his moon
to my mothers womb,
I am the the Ra and you Atum.

"Many Heroes I did not mention,
but they will always be within
this dimension, travel through those
with the same spirit, call their name
they will hear it, keep them in the future
let their names echo through all ages"

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