Sunday, 14 January 2018

A Week Of Art

Art has inspired
my poetic flow,
it has been a week of art,
my first poem
I crafted was when
I was in the art museum
a painting
by Henri Rousseau
which I can fit in a stanza...
here we go;

Tiger Tiger in a jungle storm,
Tiger Tiger not that warm,
Tiger Tiger very scared,
Tiger Tiger get out of here,
Tiger Tiger run run run,
Tiger Tiger this ain't much fun.

And done...
sort of...
I had to read it in assembly
and that day I was like the
tiger in the poster,
then the applause
brought the sun.

All my life imagery inspired
me beyond T.V,
it improved imagination
gave me elevation,
art had set me free,
that's the start of my art path,
In the middle I had friends that
were great drawers
it seems art was following me.

I walked with it,
No... I cannot draw,
my sketches are that of
the age of 4, but my love for
It kept me at its door...

Knock Knock,
Whose there?
my friend always
loved drawing,
he would doodle because
lessons were boring,
instead of snoring,
spider-Man and venom
he would practice
whether the weather was hot
down poring,
now he is on
a Line of artist
who are inspired
to take their gift
in their own hands,
determination like
wolverine clawing.

Knock Knock,
whose there?
R.B, the photographer
for your first book,
and that skateboard T,
one of my favorite artist
in the sense
of revolutionary,
no matter the show
I'm wearing you
over my chest,
you're my brother,
you art inspire
my energy.

When I got with
my midwife,
her mum is an artist,
has been all her life,
thus an extension
of mine,
still with her...
years over 9.

On my kitchen wall
I have a coded stencil,
I quoted the words,
My friend elevated
Them and made
It a urban mural.

Art, Reflects, Truth
Art, Rises, Thought
Art, Relays, Talent
Art, Reinforces, Talk

In one week I got two
different perspectives...

one was graffiti,
I've seen his name
in many places
from young
he gave me a
personalized dub
because someone
else brought my C.D
to him word…
I mean art love;

The other was
for a future project
he laid it out
how I said,
the combination
of a poet
an artist and I love
the perspective he
put together from
the eyes in his head.

Art has many eyes,
The different views
Artist get from
the mountain to the skies,
This poet appreciates
your craft and will always,
see you in the creative highs.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Mount Jacob... We Still Ride Together... (6/1/18)

First mountain to climb,
was a mountain called Jacobs,
he was tall I was small,
we had the same name,
from there we would be friends
today nothing
has even changed.

We came from
the same home,
over working mothers,
we have to be babysitters,
for our brothers and sisters,
childhood missed us,
but we would
be men together,
regardless of no
father figures.

His mother was like
my other mother,
she saw me as
his little brother,
she's a beautiful woman
who gives more than she takes
overcome many states,
her son carries the same traits,
I prey... as well as see...
It's gonna be better days.

We never had much money,
we were to young to hustle,
so we would go on
random missions,
I need not be scared
because with him
I felt like
I had extra muscle.

We would play
Tony hawk demo
until the tomorrow,
who knew I would skate,
he would snake-board,
but that wasn't my taste,
now he long board,
as I do, man...
were getting older
in this place.

We're still friends
until this day,
now our children play,
he got daughters that bike,
I got a daughter
that likes to skate,
active women in our life,
helps us motivate.

For fun we would
go for a chase
by the local kebab owners,
we would run with laughter,
they would run
broad day light with knives,
that type of fear made
us run faster,
they served bad food,
but kept me in good shape,
the first item was
a health statement
an apple in their store
to entice the chase.

WCW/NWO Revenge,
we would Double L
on anyone who hurt his
little friend,
Rey Mysterio
Big Show...
from the top rope,
I mean table,
with a taunt before
the dive of the guy on
the receiving end;

I say Happy birthday
to my long-term friend,
let us celebrate with
a Hennessy shot
for each year...
actually no..
then our party will
come to an end,
see you at the top
of the mountain
as we climb higher
forever ascend.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

New Year and Last Week End...

Happy New...
Happy Old Habits?
Happy should not be spoken.
Happy should be iron man... Like
Happy Hogan...
Happy Like Pharrell Williams,
Happy like that Forest Gump slogan.  

Happy new Gym
so I can get slim,
Happy new diet,
man who am I kidding,
give me a coke with a
large fries and an extra
piece of chicken.

What about
no more smoking,
I got the sign and the patch,
look a unfinished cigarette,
let me finish it... what a rush
O.K now I need to get a pack,
and the pack like Terminator 
said "I'll be back"

It seems like I have
many resolutions,
I must be kidding myself,
I rarely solve my daily solutions,
why do I go into the new year
with the same conclusions?

To me new year is:
don't force change,
wait until your birthday,
the year starts from your
birth on this earth,
also words are power,
if you can't act on one
of your promises,
expect your ducts to breach
because you didn't eat... your words
you should have devoured.

Be like a child,
like the fireworks,
let the colors take you
into a kaleidoscope
of the sky's networks,
stars are apart of it,
looks at one,
make a wish and enjoy
the cosmic perks.

I have daily goals which
takes months to achieve,
the ending comes
to mind in minutes,
but years it takes to succeed,
I carry self belief each minute
knowing I may not have
a year to breathe,
to those creative
promise keepers
who are now
eternal sleepers,
I say Rest In Peace.

We can start a new year
as soon as the mind is clear,
soon as the thought comes,
don't leave it too long
it may manifest into fear,
if it's an active thought
run with the idea.

No new before you get
rid of the old,
you cannot fix your physical
if you have a broken soul,
you can not reach the limitless sky
if you treat yourself like a mole.

If you make a plan,
the plan will demand,
if you do not listen to
it's command it wont
take a stand until you
stop sitting on it,
it will say
"now rise, stick it life,
be a real man"

Time is not a calendar,
it is not something
you can lie to,
Time will test your truth,
so what ever is on your
to-do list,
make sure it's in
your times and do.

To sum up...
I rarely set myself goals
because everyday I am
trying to score,
I tell myself daily I can,
so I do when I leave the door,
one day at a time...
each promise i will explore.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Christmas Crackers... Ha Ho Ha...

It's Christmas,
I must be on Santa's hit list,
he gave me no gift,
wait... I know what it is?
it's because I got stairs
saw my flat had no lift.

My girl ask
where's my present?
I said right here,
she said that's cheap,
I told her I'm worth more
than 100 men in a year.

Happy new year,
my resolution...
who am I kidding
old habits never die
I'm going to start off
with new intention
end that same year
with a self inflicted lie
telling myself...
I did try...

It's the season
to be jolly,
but not when
I cannot fill up my
shopping trolley,
pick from my local
park trees to make
imitation holly,
I almost got caught
by the park care taker,
if not for the ice...
he would have got me.

Mum get me:
A PlayStation,
mum you got me a...
Police Station,
if I wanted that
I would have stole
you a turkey
and some decoration,
I am not 6 years old ma
she was like
"I know... you are 36
living in my basement"
I took my sachet of soup,
went back downstairs
with the toy
just for entertainment.

I heard some carolers
outside my door,
I told them
"turn it down"
singing silent night,
I want a silent night,
popcorn and a movie
the genre... urm... war;

War between Santa
and his elves,
they said
"we need not make
toys anymore,
technology gets
all the sales,
Santa you should
get with the times,
have your own
online store,
release us from
captivity so we can
go on our happy trails.

My father was a Grinch,
he said
"Christmas is for slaves...
elves were taken
from their land
from a fat man,
who cross the sky's
with a carriage of
shackled sleighs"
then he would fall asleep,
tell us to leave and say a
similar thing on our birthdays.

Dear spoiled child,
can you give your toys
this year to someone
less fortunate,
instead of
throwing tantrums,
throwing them away,
give another
a reason to smile,
you still got
unopened gifts
from last year...
man a whole pile.

it is Christmas eve,
I have no tree,
I get a pole,
put it south
in the ground,
Sellotape it with
branches and leaves,
all I needed was a
ornament for the top...
I know...
I will cut a star
with my mothers
Christmas cheese.

Happy Holidays
enjoy the days off,
work turns on soon,
until then enjoy
being a sloth.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Eulogy... A Local Loss In My Community...

my neighbor of 23,
your are now in peace,
how to describe you in
our encounters in this poem....
16th was your day
of eternal sleep...
word love to all
the people who has had
someone recently deceased.

Let me start with your offspring,
your young son I will call
Philosophical D,
a great apple from your tree, 
the first day we met he was
instantly friendly;

Help my girlfriends
mother to the top,
no elevator, he said
"Let me take the lot"
he did without stop,
my first memory,
a dreaded man
with a beard
and an Arsenal top.

He was a biker,
I was a skater,
I loved hip hop,
he loved hip hop
papoose was our
mutual flavor.

Me and your son
would discuss whatever,
have a drink together,
O.G a memory
with you I remember...
it was cold weather,
I pulled out a
bottle of rum
to feel our tum,
to bring the sun
it made our spirits
feel like we were
wearing jackets of leather.

We walked more
than we talked,
we communicated
with sigh language
we spoke in short forms,
I heard I speak fast,
I learned to slow down
with those elder than me
helping me practice
when I would
stop and say
what's up if
I saw the around town.

Once around town,
I saw your Yellow angel,
I was in a shop,
I was short of change,
but she gave me that extra,
another grey day,
but that offering
parted the clouds
and brought out
the solar rays.

Funny...Talking about mummy,
I said your son helped
my ladies mum,
I remember helping this woman
with her trolley not knowing
you were her husband
she was Philosophical D's Mum,
a balance was put in place,
coincidence??? fate???
it worked out
so in sync either way. 

I have vivid memories of
the father, but I guess I can
know you through your sons,
who shine just as bright
help me with
the little things in life,
from giving me long-boards
helping me with van work
to giving my children bikes.

One Shot
for your wife,
Two shots
for your sons,
A third for you,
those who came from you,
those who grew around you,
we shall, Reunite.In.Peace...

From your neighbor above,
I say one love,
I will look for you in a dove
and through your children
you shall live it up...
heaven is your home now
because in god we trust.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Encouragement Enunciation

If you’re heart
says no...
do not go,
if you’re heart
says yes…
dance with the music
in your chest.

Jump to the sun
to jump over
an object,
the sun is the target,
like a rocket,
fill your legs

Quitters are not winners,
doers are pursuers,
thus are not losers,
if you try you will fly,
but you have to start
like rats at the bottom
from the sewers.

Tell me
I don't have the skill...
because I do not have gold,
but my heart
is made of steel
so guess what?
I will not fold.

If they say you can’t
join their team,
do some solo training
find another that
shares your dream.

Say you can
you will,
say you can’t
you will spill;
tears because of fears,
if you keep going
you will win,
it may take days,
months or even years.

Don’t let them say
“you can’t”
ask them to try
guess what?
They will be in
the statue stance,
as you go so high,
they can barely
get a glance.

Others may assume
you have no worth,
If that’s the case
go home and work,
come back stronger,
so strong, there insults
won’t hurt.

It does not matter
about my height,
nor my weight...
I will use what
I have regardless
to reach a
personal great.

You may say boo!
But have you took
a peek at what I do?
you're still on
the ground floor
so you do
not have my view.

The power
of becoming
is in the
constant running,
“I can”
is your track…
now race
you will get to the end
without hate,
for what you do is
in the essence
of your loving.

"The heart is the start
of all being complete,
the mind works it out,
the body refuses defeat,
if you keep going,
you will inevitably achieve"

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Midwife... You have Made Your Life


You Finally made it,
I saw you go through tears
I also saw you overcome fears,
now today on the day of the 6th
also my opposites birthday I say

Let me compare your journey
in terms of  a midwife,
your antenatal clinic would be
your 3 year access course,
redo G.C.S.E's and add more
to qualify to become this present
born midwife..
O.K this is a hard challenge,
let me just free write.

You defeated collage,
university application,
submission for six,
and you got the best
of the picks... KINGS...
you were shocked,
but their was god
giving you a sign saying
"Their are no limits"

Seemed like it was fate,
all was going your way,
and so it went...
as you still ascent to this day.  

We both await your results,
I fear I did not help you enough,
other days...
I had lack of love,
I thought it would effect you,
Dear Cancer,
your shell is tough,
no amount of
negative situations
broke through it...
I myself am impressed my empress,
for you had risen above.

Your phone call,
made me feel more cool,
I screamed to the sky
and continued to manual
on my skateboard.

Where others saw grey,
I saw a sun
when you told me your
confirmation had come,
your race was long,
I saw you fall,
then get back up,
the reason why you won.

I remember once
you broke out because
of last minute stress,
I prayed that the angels
would sort out your mess,
you came back with your
pass mark and past the test.

Discouraged by dyslexia,
dyslexia does not
effect your sector,
you are great
at what you do,
why they want
you baby protector.

I heard all your stories,
as you have heard
all my poetic allegories,
your smiles when parents
praise because you help
put them at ease
helping them breathe
calming their respiratory
as they delivered their seed.

It is finally over...
no more academic stress,
now for you to catch
the young babes V.X...
meaning the top of the
babies head...
may your blessings spread.