Sunday, 15 April 2018

Race Together

Off equal, 
as that is how
we were all made, 
separation is an illusion 
by those who cling onto 
an inferiority complex. 

We are all one race
some people even two 
I have three identities 
but my aura
is shining blue. 

You can’t see it
because you look 
on the outside,
if God were to strip 
our skin we would
all be pink on the inside, 

The creator dose
not look at the 
colour of your skin, 
but the colour
of your mind. 

My mind reflects rainbows 
As these divine
children are of all Colours,
creeds and beliefs,
no need to see each
other as others. 

If one has a belief
in non judgment, 
the easiest way
to practice that 
would be with
your fellow man,
lab rats to test how
they react when
you bust them.

Prove yourself
in the eyes
of your maker 
make friends instead
of enemies.

If you are sick
of running for a
racist team,
just drop the baton. 

There will be hurdles
due to history, 
But together
we shall jump them.

Oneness is real 
I have connected, 
Each race has
unique runners 
and together
are willing to put 
this pointless
diversity to a 

Monday, 2 April 2018

Human Problems...


My heart,
as much as I give it, 
eventually people
will want to rip it apart...

R.I.P, as I am numb to reality, 
balance out others 
unbalance with my own sanity...

I am, not what I want to be, 
but what was
bestowed upon me, 
like god put me
here as a spark, 
but a spark turns into fire 
can create desire, in truth...

I am a man who
adapts to the muck, 
so I know about the mire... 
my heart wants to stay clean.
why I eat green,
to feed my 4th chakra.

My heart reflects
my physical state,
why one must breathe
with it, you must learn
to concentrate or meditate,
you better listen
to your heart
before it's to late;

My heart can tolerate
because many have
invaded it's gate,
why I become more
hard headed
so my heart would
no longer break,
no more energy vampires,
I got my garlic covered steak.

But I will
never stop the mission, 
because although
people may be blind to me, 
will soon see...
if not add to there vision 
as I constantly
battle with division
mind vs the heart.
no.. my heart and mind
work in unison.

As I work on my cardiac
police want to arrest
another boring interaction 
as they live to arrest, 
I live for the test 
from my chest, 
psychology keeps
the mind stuck, 
if you don't understand
the intention,
than intend to be stuck. 

Feeling divided
as I recite this, 
do it for the real
or the critics, 
forget critics, 
only god can judge me 
even then 
I will be my own jury; 

purple eye as I try
to tap in my 3rd eye, 
but I keep my ball pen 
ramming and rhyming 
as I deal with the encounter 
of my own kind...

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Poetic Personal Portrait

Key words:

Always happy...
His smile makes me
smile, he is contagious
energy, when I feel sick,
he makes me feel better
yeah London is grey,
but his vibe changes
the internal
external weather;

if I had powers I would
wipe out the evil
in my sector,
I feel it would,
but I know it will not
make it any better.

I'm just too...

truth is my torment,
in any event,
I will vent,
let you know
how much you meant,
it was I who failed,
no blame,
real time truth,
no edit,
If we are not
straight forward
than our relationship
will forever be bent.

he turns all pains
heals with words
that encourage elevation.

because of the
way I speak,
when I say sentences
that make you weak,
when I say thoughts
that matches
your hearts beat.

I made people laugh
until I had my first son,
life was no joke,
I got serious
for a moment
then reverted
back to fun,
laughter is a cure,
I got the medicine,
here... take some...

I treat my lady like royal,
rumble any man
who breaks my plan,
I plan,
blueprint already made,
for such individuals
who want to break
what I built even
if I become a X-man,
will make my last stand.

why I will never make
a good husband,
adaptive to marry
but would I be
your main one?
I would hope,
but if not,
I understand
won't stand under
you Hun.

I will speak to the
someone of a
different dialect
find a common language,
I can turn a stones
into a sandwich,
be the team player
when you can't manage.

to those younger than me,
who call me
Morpheus from Matrix,
Yoda from Star Wars,
elders also see,
the blind let me know,
I can hear you,
I can feel your energy.

I will never quit,
took me 4 years
for a kick flip,
14 years to maintain
a relationship,
years to believe
my dream I can live,
whilst having
the time to give.

I do not critique,
my lady had
to help me see,
the mirror is
not my friend,
but a lot of
people's enemy,
I live by feeling,
not seeing,
her words reassures
my self belief
balance my sense
of achieving.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

My Small is Cool

Height Small,
but it's cool
to be small,
let me write
you a poem
that you can
read at school,
stick on your wall.

I reach them...
regardless of my size,
the smallest person
can always reach
the bigger prize,
yeah I may seem
close to the ground,
but my dreams
exceed the skies.

I am S and S
small as well as smart,
people play small
mind games,
but can never compare
to my big heart,
in my chest... stand...
tall in my art,
gymnast is what I do,
with my body size,
I play my part.

I am a flexible intellectual,
to my true friends
I am influential
we are different sizes,
we bring out
each others potential.

When I get chase,
it's easy to dodge,
if you get close,
slip through that
rabbit hole in the fence,
hop hop hop,
as I leap in the sunset
looking back laughing
at the big dog.

Cat agility,
monkey ability,
like a cheater I move
swiftly than quickly,
nature has it's reason,
the reason I can do
pull ups by the fifty.

If being small
was a curse,
why do the smallest
roses have the
biggest beauty
on this earth...

If being small
is DNA,
why are you throwing
insults my way?
leave me alone
let me play,
pick on someone
in your class
who is your same weight;

Wait... you're afraid
he might down size you
in front of your crew,
are you afraid to lose?

You maybe
bigger than me,
but does your heart
match your size?
in truth I except
that I am small,
you don't for
some reason...
but I will not
let your remarks
water my eyes;

I will walk proud,
no high heels,
low sole,
my soul is big as
Jupiter's black hole,
you maybe
as tall as one,
but it is I who will get
to the top of the pole,
put my flag up
let the people know...
although small,
I can reach heights
because I have targets
I will reach my goal.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Date With Me, My Lady And The Skate

A day off is a day
on catching up
with the midwife,
she adds smiles
to my life,
my dark days
you are my light.

We go to our local shop,
Coffee break then skate,
go to the market stool
get a bokay,
what do I do
when I wait;

Improve an individual trick,
today is kick-flip,
a pipe burst,
road to myself,
skateboarding improves
my health,
I am the example of balance,
skating my daughters deck
in my own world
whilst this skater boy
Is waiting for his girl.

We got our food,
we eat in a skate spot,
I order a small wrap,
so my weight stays on top,
I admit on other days...
I can... I can... eat a lot...

A lot of fun,
I hung,
with my little brother,
playing street fighter,
most games we won;

Blanka dominated,
a beast... as his beauty
was at work,
If only we got more days
like this but extended
so we can enjoy many
happy moments on earth.

We hung by an
empty park pool,
as you get photos
of me boarding,
man I felt cool...
and it was cold...
but you inspired,
warm when we're together,
throughout our day,
the weather is getting better.

I leave my brothers,
exchange the
princess skateboard
for the kings  one,
as I ride my throne
to grandmas zone,
Ab Soul and Lupe Fiasco
in my headphones.

Kelis was also
today's soundtrack,
Wanderland as we
wander west London land,
her in one
and my skateboard
on the other hand.

You are most my nights,
we barely see each other
in the day,
work work work...
with you I just
want more play,
like it's Romeo and Juliet,
our love story
brought the sun
to us on a day
which started out grey.

After we depart,
we reunite,
cooking as a team,
stir fry tonight,
a tea with honey
May I see you in a dream.